No Pastel Dancing Bears Here.

Li’l Bumpkin all started by accident. My mom loves to sew and she passed that love on to me. I love to make my friends fun, original presents specifically catered to them. So, when all my girls started popping out babies right and left, I started sewing blankets (and I admit, some have cheesy fabrics. I apologize for that, I was unexperienced and did not know fabulous fabric designers at that point). Well, I quickly wanted to do “more,” so I started making rag quilts; or fuzzy quilts as some call them. So, here are my quilts thus far. I’ve been told that all the babies are extremely satisfied and the quilts are actually USED. That makes me happy, because I spent WAY too much time on those things to have them sit on a shelf and looked at. USE THEM PEOPLE! I promise they won’t fall apart. 

Sophia's Quilt

Ellison on her quilt

 More pictures of past quilts coming soon!

And yes, all you fans of mine…fans of my one posting  thus far… I will be opening a store on soon so you can have one of your own or order one for a preggo friend of yours!

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