I Love Copy Cats

Remember when you were little how kids would get angry when another kid copied them by doing the same thing or getting the same cool shirt or having the same type of birthday party? If ONLY they could understand that mimicry or copying is one of the biggest forms of flattery. The other kids wouldn’t bother in doing the same thing if they didn’t LIKE it!  So, when my awesome fellow “Martha” friend,Amber, said she “copied” me and made a quilt like I made her son Eli, I was more than flattered! Amber is one of the most talented of seamstresses I know, so for her to “copy” my idea because she and Eli loved it so much is like getting an Oscar…and when I get an actual Oscar, I’ll let you know if that comparison is completely accurate.  I love that the idea of classy baby items is spreading! Now, all I want to know is, how did Amber have the time to make the quilt while taking care of a newborn?

Eli on the quilt I made him


The day I gave Eli his quilt - Thanksgiving 2008

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One response to “I Love Copy Cats

  1. Amber

    Newborns sleep. A lot. I can’t imagine doing it now that he’s a toddler. 😉

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