Resuse is the Best Recycling

Here at Li’l Bumpkin I try to stay as “Green” as possible. I use all cotton or bamboo fabrics/batting and buy in bulk as much as possible to save on shipping and travel carbon emissions. I am also striving to gather real vintage fabrics to incorporate into the quilts and accessories. While searching for quilt fabrics, I stumbled upon a skirt at a thrift store for $1.

Me in the skirt

I decided why not? A little ripping and mending and now it has a new life and we have a “new”…

"New" Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt! It’s so homey. Yum.

I bet it’s even cuter when lies flat because your tree is flat on the ground since you have storage to put away all your holiday Rubbermaid decoration containers in a closet or garage somewhere. Yeah, that will happen when we can finally buy a house…someday…any day…I’m open to ideas, Santa.

So, there you have it. Li’l Bumpkin Reusing where I can. Yup, I just saved the world a little bit. Awesome.

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