Scraps Become Treasure

It all started because David and I spent Thanksgiving with our fellow Southern transplant friends, Nathan and Beth. But first, a little back history…

Beth and I met through a mutual friend, Dallas. Beth is Dallas’s hair stylist, and now, of course, is mine! She’s the bestest (yes, that’s a word, I just made it up, thanks.) hair stylist ever. Nathan and Beth are both from Aiken, SC – just a couple spits down the road (aka, 2 hours) from Pickens, which is where my hubby is from (that’s David, in case you weren’t making the connection). So, as you can imagine, we bonded immediately. 

So, it was a Southern Turkey Day and I wanted to show our appreciation to Nathan and Beth for taking in we orphans for Gobble Time by giving them a hostest gift (’cause that’s what you do in the South). Being a fellow Southern Belle, I knew Beth would totally appreciate anything I made her. And seeing that they don’t have kids yet, I thought a quilt would be a little premature…and large. So, I started thinking, “Huh, what can I make that would be small and cute, but completely functional?” And coasters popped into my brain. 

For those of you who know me, you can appreciate this idea because you know how much I’m obsessed with coasters. I love them. I have 5 set s in my 1 bedroom apartment (I know.). I love giving them as gifts because God forbid anyone have to deal with the heartache of discovering a deep water ring stain on Grandma’s heirloom side table after a party. It hurts. 

So, I broke out all the scraps from my past and in-the-making quilts. One problem I hit – none of the scraps were big enough to fit a glass. So, I got a little crazy (watch out!) and combined 2 different fabrics – contrasting patterns, yet complementary color – and then got extra cutsie and made them in my rag quilt style. They were so adorable, I was in love, to say the lease, to the point I almost didn’t give them to Beth (again, I know). But David wisely made me give them to Beth and they were a MAJOR HIT! Beth squealed with delight and Nathan couldn’t stop from screaming and jumping with excitement (Ok, that’s so not true, he was all “aww, cool, thanks” and continued to cook the most awesome brussel sprouts like a champ).   

Coasters all Stacked Up

Coasters in Action

But the extra excitng new is, Beth has reported back that one of her friends saw the coasters and loved them so much she has demanded a set of her own! Who knew a few little scraps would turn into the next great product of Li’l Bumpkin. I just love happy accidents, don’t you?

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