Baby Sitting

As I’ve said in past posts, I don’t have kids yet. So, I fully understand that I don’t ‘get’ it when people say,” I didn’t know how much I could love until I had children.” Well, I’m here to say that a best friend’s child must come in at a close second, because I am head over heels in love with little Sophia.

A few days ago a was lucky to baby sit my friend’s 3 month old daughter, Sophia. Nicole needed some time to herself to get her hair cut and styled for an industry party she had that night. So, I was in charge of feeding, burping, changing, playing with and putting Sophia to sleep. Now, I know that the infant stage is a little rough and I’ve been there when Sophia has completely lost it, turning beat red crying. But this day I was lucky to have “angel Sophia.” She cried a tiny bit when I burped her during feeding, but only because she is a little piggy and wants to continue eating through her whole bottle (Sophia has to be burped after each 1 oz amount, or she’ll barf it up right after).

After the feeding and burping, we played a little and then she feel asleep in my arms as I was reading Natural Solutions Magazine to her (hey, last time it was Redbook). I can’t tell you the warmth and love I felt as I sat there staring at her precious hands and fingers and watched her smile in her sleep. Oh and when she nuzzled her little face into my arm, I almost lost it.

So, moms, I may not have my own kids, but I kinda ‘get’ it now. So, feel free to let me into your ‘mommy zone’ and chat me up on your kids. Just try to keep the nightmare bratty moments to a minimum. I do want to have my own kids someday, so let’s just keep me in the dark on that part of it for as loooong as possible. Thanks.

Look, I'm a pro already. (Notice the quilt in the back. Nice, huh?)

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  1. nice job, you!!! that gorgeous quilt is in the background of her shots with me…final edits due in a few days!!

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