Decking the Tree

My hubby and I started a new tradition of our own – no physical gifts for Christmas. Not just for each other, but for both of our families. It all started because we didn’t go home for the holidays last year and we didn’t want to ship presents. So, what we did instead, was give the Gift of Life. We sponsored kitties at a local Los Angeles shelter – the Lange Foundation. With each donation, this no-kill shelter can go to a LA Shelter and save a kitty (or doggie) from death row and give them a second chance at a happy life. Who can argue with present?

This year, we’re going home, but we did the same thing and sponser kitties. Well, I have a tradition in my family where we open each other’s presents Christmas Eve and open Santa’s presents after comes on Christmas Day. So, some family members were slightly sad because we wouldn’t be opening presents from each other. So, I caved and said, “I’ll make you something!” That’s how the ornaments started…kinda at the same time as the coasters. I had so much fun because I was “all green” and used scraps to make them and I think they turned out really precious. 

Hopefully, my family will swoon over these like I did. If not, I just take them back and put them on my tree.   

 There are also squirrels (in honor of UP – SQUIRREL!), green cats and a doggie. Oh, and one cat toy stuffed with cat nip. I’ll post those pictures later. I have to hop a place to Louisiana in a few hours.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Now, go save a kitty’s or doggie’s life at .

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