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A Little Bit of Paper

My good friend, Bridgett, is owner and designer of Perideau Designs , a home-based stationary studio. Yeah, get your wallets ready people, her creations are mouth watering. (Yes, paper can make your mouth water, guys…just like those big screen tvs do.) I bought many treats from her this year for gifts. My latest order, I decided to treat myself and got two sets of stationary that I’ve been in love with for a while now. Don’t see the exact image you want? She also does custom designs.

Bridgett lives in CT with her husband, Wayne, and their daughter, Kendall. You’ll see all of them featured in her blog. Take a look and you’ll immediately be hooked. Oh, they day when we live on the same side of the country so we can easily join forces in our artsy creations.


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A Quilt is more than Pretty Fabric

Quilts have always had a very special place in my life. My grandmother, Mawmaw Bevie, continued the tradition in our family and became a huge quilter.  I grew up surrounded by quilts. Some were painstakingly planned out; others were literally scraps from clothes and household fabrics thrown together. No matter the process or look of a quilt they all functioned. I cannot think of a day when I wasn’t at some point wrapped in a quilt. 

To me a quilt is meant to be USED and LOVED (which means you’re going to have to wash it many times!). My one concern with my quilts is that one will be hung on a wall and never loved. I strive to make my creations gorgeous, classy and see them as mini pieces of art, but they are functional art. 

In my life, quilts have been there to add warmth on a frigid day, be a protective layer from darkness and fear, a sheath of shelter as a roof in a living room tent, be a little bit of home on vacations and travels to the ends of the earth, cuddle on the sofa during a favorite movie or TV show, haven kitties, disguise young love holding hands (hee), to soak of the tears and wrap in comfort during the pain and trials in the journey of life; but most of all, they have been vessels and legacies of my family that have come before me. 

When a quilt is passed to the next generation, the stories and history passes with it. That is my hope with my quilts. As I create each one, I think of the child who will be its keeper. I think of the joy, laughter, and comfort the cozy fabrics will bring him or her. I hope that they will love their quilt and allow it to accompany them throughout their life and then pass it to a loved one so it can continue to spread its magic.

 I know it’s a little cheesy, but that is what a quilt is to me.

* Special Note on David’s Quilt: When David and I were engaged, we were in Louisiana at Bevie’s house getting ready to sleep on quilts (another good use!) on the den floor. Of course, I had my Bevie quilt in tow. Which lead David to ask, “Where’s my Bevie quilt?” I answered, “She made this for me in middle school.” To which he responded, “Well, am I going to get a Bevie quilt since we’re getting married?” (I know, PRECIOUS). I told him maybe if he was a good boy. One minute later, Mawmaw Bevie comes into the den with a cream quilt (the one with our kitty, Penelope snuggling on in the above pictures). She spread it across him and said, “There’s your quilt, David.” At that moment, I knew 3 things: 1. I had definately, without a doubt, found the right man to marry, 2. He was officially a part of the family, and 3. My Mawmaw Bevie is the most loving, spectacular woman and my hero.

THAT is what kind of power a quilt posesses. THAT is what a quilt is all about.

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The Age of Aquarius

Friday was a big day for me. After my last posting, I received 4 quilts orders! Yea, me! (thank you to my new clients) Needless to say, I have been hard at work cutting and assembling this weekend. I have 2 Seaside Manors in the making and 1 new design I am calling Age of Aquarius – because I can’t stop singing the song as I’m looking at the fabrics. I guess it’s the vintage colors and patterns that are doing it for me. I’m especially in love with the birdies. Again, I just want to keep it for myself. I’m extra excited because I now have tons more scraps to make more coasters! Oh, what fun.

 What song does the fabric combination make you sing?

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Second Time Around Should Be Special

Da da da da! Special Announcement – Li’l Bumpkin just received it’s first official quilt order, YEA! So exciting.

My friend, Megan, ordered a quilt for a friend of hers at work. (we’ll call her…Jackie, since I don’t know her name) Congrats, Jackie!   The first thing I always ask for a custom blanket is the color scheme of the nursery, the gender of the child and if there was a shower coming up soon. Megan writes back with “this is her second child, so I don’t know how full out they’re going with the nursery and there isn’t a shower that I know of yet.” Once I read, ‘second child,’ my heart sank a little for the baby-to-be. See, in the South, etiquette says that after the first child, no more showers. We wouldn’t want to look greedy now, would we? How shameful. Well, as a second child myself, I say POOP ON THAT RULE! I feel a little jipped, thank you. Especially since my older sibling is a BOY. So,what, was I suppose to wear shirts with dump trucks on them? (Ok, I was a totally tomboy, so I probably would have loved it. After all, I have been told stories where I would cry because I wasn’t allowed to wear my brother’s underwear. I know, I know.) 

Nevertheless, I believe that EVERY child, no matter where in the line up they come, should be celebrated. So, here are a few ideas for Second Time Showers.

– The ReCycle, ReUse & ReGift Shower : Why not tell everyone to bring what their children have already grown out of or don’t like.  You know how Li’l Bumpkin LOVES being Green! ReUsing is the best way to save the Earth. So, Ladies & Gents, here’s your chance to get rid of those ugly items you couldn’t return anywhere…I mean, that you didn’t have room for in your home.

The Price Limit Shower : Set a limit of spending, no more than $15-20 on a gift. Besides, with the 2nd, etc kid, you don’t need another high chair, stroller, or big ticket items (Probably. I would say MOST times children tend to come within 2-3 years of one another. Unless you have that big Opps! moment, which, yea for surprises!)

– All About the Mommy Shower : If the 2nd kid is the same gender, then pamper Mom! Take her out for a Spa Day or hire in a private massuse to come to the house. Have a ‘naught toy’ party so she’s ready for action after the baby is born. Buy a calendar and everyone sign up for days to bring a meal or clean the house during the first 3 months of new baby time (just make sure you write your days on your calendar too!)

– Spruce the Backyard Shower : We should take this ONE time to celebrate the Daddys! Everyone go in together, buy a Jungle Gym (or another Family Activity thingy) and assemble it together. Add some finger foods, drinks (non alcoholic for Mommy!) and whip out the video camera, cause you KNOW something hilarious will happen.

– Just the Neccesities Shower : A new baby means new everyday needs. Formula, laundry detergent, cotton balls, q-tips, tissues, body wash, shampoo, baby wipes, rash creme and how many diapers? (Cloth diapers have come a long way, people! Check them out and reduce your waste). For the city Mom & Dad, how about buying a Diaper/Laundry or grocery delivery service for a year? Let someone else deal with the stinkies.

– Babymoon : Give Mom & Dad a weekend getaway. Then all the guests can fight over who will baby sit the current children. Not all at once now.

What about you? What other ideas do you have? Please share them so we can all move into the new age of saying YES! to 2nd Baby Showers.

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Creativity on the Horizon

As I get back into my routine after the holidays, I’m digging out fabric I’ve purchased to make quilts to post on – yea! I’m so in love with all of the patterns, I know it’s going to be difficult to let go in the end. Most of the designs are from my favorites: Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. Oh, the day when they have a special line just for Li’l Bumpkin! I should get on that.

So, what do you think? Would you want your baby (human or furry) to cuddle up on a Seaside Manor themed quilt? What other items would you like to see in this theme: for baby, child, pet or adult?

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Kickin’ it back old-school

I admit it. I have a problem.  I am completely obsessed and addicted to, wait for it…… thrift and antique shops.

There, I said it. Wow, what a weight off. I fully blame my parents for instilling this passion in me the minute I was birthed from the womb. On our vacations we spent our time hopping from one shop to the next, pack ratting (I mean, COLLECTING) trinkets and treasures. I was taught at a very early age that I could use items for different purposes than their original intent.  So, when one person sees a castor wheel, I see the most modern and unique candlestick. This is also what we call in this “Going Green” age as Recycling and Reusing. Here at Li’l Bumpkin I strive to Reuse and Repurpose everything I can get my little mitts on. I am constantly on the lookout for vintage fabrics – in all forms. I am known to take clothes items and transform them into oven mitts or kitty toys. Who knows what it will become!

This past weekend I took the day off and had some great girl time with my friend, Laura S. (b/c I have more than one Laura). We started off taking a walk in the park…which lead to walking in the Grove…which lead to thrifting! (That’s Thrift Store shopping, for those of you who aren’t into it). I scored BIG at The Council Thrift Store on Pico Blvd when I found these four vintage sheets. I don’t know if they’ll be made into quilts or other nifty treats. The sewing gods have yet to reveal the plan just yet. I know you are on the edge of your seat, chewing your nails in anticipation. Just hold your panties on people. But bring on the junk in the meantime!

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Soak it in, people

Loose end #3 – what could it be, you say? Well, don’t get your panties in a wad, I’ll tell you.

MORE COASTERS! Yup, let them soak up the moisture and then toss then in with the laundry to fluff. Easy as pie…or store bought pie. They’re also great to sop up those unexpected spills (you may need to use the whole set for that).

I made a ton of these sets for gifts over the holidays (why I couldn’t post before). The acorn set was for my awesome sis-in-law, Sarah. She’s special because there were only enough scraps to make one set. So, one of a kind, Sarah, worth millions. I believe the acorns are a discontinued Joel Dewberry pattern – Joel, we are VERY upset about this. Bring it back, sir.

Sarah's Acorn Coasters

The others are an Amy Butler pattern and a random blue fabric I got in bulk (yea) that sheds like mad. So, those of you who have that fabric, wash is with towels and other fuzzy things…not with darks, your clothes will have lint everywhere. Trust me on this one. I made the poor decision of “saving time” and washed my personal set with my darks…disaster. I’m STILL finding little fabric lints inside some shirts.

I think all the recipients loved their fuzzy treats. And I now have orders for more once other people saw them. So, that’s always a good thing!

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