Final Tree Triming to Ring in the New Year!

After many a cheese wafers, mac & cheese servings, glasses of sweet tea and desserts galore, I’m back from my travels in the South. Whew, is all I have to say. It’s time to tie up loose ends so I can move into 2010 full force! 

So, loose end #1 – the rest of the precious ornaments I made for my family and friends. 

Loose end #2 – my special kitty toy for my “nephew,” Juice (my brother’s, Toby, kitty). I broke down and used some of my most coveted fabric – my owls. Made it in a fishy shape and stuffed it with catnip. I hope he likes it as much as my kitties did. The fishy was almost fish-napped a number of times until I finally got smart and put it on the top shelf of the 9ft tall bookcase. Guess I should’ve made my own babies some too. Opps. 

Juice's Fish

Loose end # 3 – oh, you have to wait until tomorrow for that one. Happy New Year!

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