Soak it in, people

Loose end #3 – what could it be, you say? Well, don’t get your panties in a wad, I’ll tell you.

MORE COASTERS! Yup, let them soak up the moisture and then toss then in with the laundry to fluff. Easy as pie…or store bought pie. They’re also great to sop up those unexpected spills (you may need to use the whole set for that).

I made a ton of these sets for gifts over the holidays (why I couldn’t post before). The acorn set was for my awesome sis-in-law, Sarah. She’s special because there were only enough scraps to make one set. So, one of a kind, Sarah, worth millions. I believe the acorns are a discontinued Joel Dewberry pattern – Joel, we are VERY upset about this. Bring it back, sir.

Sarah's Acorn Coasters

The others are an Amy Butler pattern and a random blue fabric I got in bulk (yea) that sheds like mad. So, those of you who have that fabric, wash is with towels and other fuzzy things…not with darks, your clothes will have lint everywhere. Trust me on this one. I made the poor decision of “saving time” and washed my personal set with my darks…disaster. I’m STILL finding little fabric lints inside some shirts.

I think all the recipients loved their fuzzy treats. And I now have orders for more once other people saw them. So, that’s always a good thing!

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