Kickin’ it back old-school

I admit it. I have a problem.  I am completely obsessed and addicted to, wait for it…… thrift and antique shops.

There, I said it. Wow, what a weight off. I fully blame my parents for instilling this passion in me the minute I was birthed from the womb. On our vacations we spent our time hopping from one shop to the next, pack ratting (I mean, COLLECTING) trinkets and treasures. I was taught at a very early age that I could use items for different purposes than their original intent.  So, when one person sees a castor wheel, I see the most modern and unique candlestick. This is also what we call in this “Going Green” age as Recycling and Reusing. Here at Li’l Bumpkin I strive to Reuse and Repurpose everything I can get my little mitts on. I am constantly on the lookout for vintage fabrics – in all forms. I am known to take clothes items and transform them into oven mitts or kitty toys. Who knows what it will become!

This past weekend I took the day off and had some great girl time with my friend, Laura S. (b/c I have more than one Laura). We started off taking a walk in the park…which lead to walking in the Grove…which lead to thrifting! (That’s Thrift Store shopping, for those of you who aren’t into it). I scored BIG at The Council Thrift Store on Pico Blvd when I found these four vintage sheets. I don’t know if they’ll be made into quilts or other nifty treats. The sewing gods have yet to reveal the plan just yet. I know you are on the edge of your seat, chewing your nails in anticipation. Just hold your panties on people. But bring on the junk in the meantime!

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