Second Time Around Should Be Special

Da da da da! Special Announcement – Li’l Bumpkin just received it’s first official quilt order, YEA! So exciting.

My friend, Megan, ordered a quilt for a friend of hers at work. (we’ll call her…Jackie, since I don’t know her name) Congrats, Jackie!   The first thing I always ask for a custom blanket is the color scheme of the nursery, the gender of the child and if there was a shower coming up soon. Megan writes back with “this is her second child, so I don’t know how full out they’re going with the nursery and there isn’t a shower that I know of yet.” Once I read, ‘second child,’ my heart sank a little for the baby-to-be. See, in the South, etiquette says that after the first child, no more showers. We wouldn’t want to look greedy now, would we? How shameful. Well, as a second child myself, I say POOP ON THAT RULE! I feel a little jipped, thank you. Especially since my older sibling is a BOY. So,what, was I suppose to wear shirts with dump trucks on them? (Ok, I was a totally tomboy, so I probably would have loved it. After all, I have been told stories where I would cry because I wasn’t allowed to wear my brother’s underwear. I know, I know.) 

Nevertheless, I believe that EVERY child, no matter where in the line up they come, should be celebrated. So, here are a few ideas for Second Time Showers.

– The ReCycle, ReUse & ReGift Shower : Why not tell everyone to bring what their children have already grown out of or don’t like.  You know how Li’l Bumpkin LOVES being Green! ReUsing is the best way to save the Earth. So, Ladies & Gents, here’s your chance to get rid of those ugly items you couldn’t return anywhere…I mean, that you didn’t have room for in your home.

The Price Limit Shower : Set a limit of spending, no more than $15-20 on a gift. Besides, with the 2nd, etc kid, you don’t need another high chair, stroller, or big ticket items (Probably. I would say MOST times children tend to come within 2-3 years of one another. Unless you have that big Opps! moment, which, yea for surprises!)

– All About the Mommy Shower : If the 2nd kid is the same gender, then pamper Mom! Take her out for a Spa Day or hire in a private massuse to come to the house. Have a ‘naught toy’ party so she’s ready for action after the baby is born. Buy a calendar and everyone sign up for days to bring a meal or clean the house during the first 3 months of new baby time (just make sure you write your days on your calendar too!)

– Spruce the Backyard Shower : We should take this ONE time to celebrate the Daddys! Everyone go in together, buy a Jungle Gym (or another Family Activity thingy) and assemble it together. Add some finger foods, drinks (non alcoholic for Mommy!) and whip out the video camera, cause you KNOW something hilarious will happen.

– Just the Neccesities Shower : A new baby means new everyday needs. Formula, laundry detergent, cotton balls, q-tips, tissues, body wash, shampoo, baby wipes, rash creme and how many diapers? (Cloth diapers have come a long way, people! Check them out and reduce your waste). For the city Mom & Dad, how about buying a Diaper/Laundry or grocery delivery service for a year? Let someone else deal with the stinkies.

– Babymoon : Give Mom & Dad a weekend getaway. Then all the guests can fight over who will baby sit the current children. Not all at once now.

What about you? What other ideas do you have? Please share them so we can all move into the new age of saying YES! to 2nd Baby Showers.

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  1. Amber

    Oh, Tiffany – you’re brilliant, but you knew that! I love these ideas! Especially since I know some of my friends/family are going to want to do another shower for our baby #2, but we really don’t need much of anything (hello, 19 months apart!). I like the ReCycle, ReUse and ReGift shower idea! Perfect for us green mommies!

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