A Quilt is more than Pretty Fabric

Quilts have always had a very special place in my life. My grandmother, Mawmaw Bevie, continued the tradition in our family and became a huge quilter.  I grew up surrounded by quilts. Some were painstakingly planned out; others were literally scraps from clothes and household fabrics thrown together. No matter the process or look of a quilt they all functioned. I cannot think of a day when I wasn’t at some point wrapped in a quilt. 

To me a quilt is meant to be USED and LOVED (which means you’re going to have to wash it many times!). My one concern with my quilts is that one will be hung on a wall and never loved. I strive to make my creations gorgeous, classy and see them as mini pieces of art, but they are functional art. 

In my life, quilts have been there to add warmth on a frigid day, be a protective layer from darkness and fear, a sheath of shelter as a roof in a living room tent, be a little bit of home on vacations and travels to the ends of the earth, cuddle on the sofa during a favorite movie or TV show, haven kitties, disguise young love holding hands (hee), to soak of the tears and wrap in comfort during the pain and trials in the journey of life; but most of all, they have been vessels and legacies of my family that have come before me. 

When a quilt is passed to the next generation, the stories and history passes with it. That is my hope with my quilts. As I create each one, I think of the child who will be its keeper. I think of the joy, laughter, and comfort the cozy fabrics will bring him or her. I hope that they will love their quilt and allow it to accompany them throughout their life and then pass it to a loved one so it can continue to spread its magic.

 I know it’s a little cheesy, but that is what a quilt is to me.

* Special Note on David’s Quilt: When David and I were engaged, we were in Louisiana at Bevie’s house getting ready to sleep on quilts (another good use!) on the den floor. Of course, I had my Bevie quilt in tow. Which lead David to ask, “Where’s my Bevie quilt?” I answered, “She made this for me in middle school.” To which he responded, “Well, am I going to get a Bevie quilt since we’re getting married?” (I know, PRECIOUS). I told him maybe if he was a good boy. One minute later, Mawmaw Bevie comes into the den with a cream quilt (the one with our kitty, Penelope snuggling on in the above pictures). She spread it across him and said, “There’s your quilt, David.” At that moment, I knew 3 things: 1. I had definately, without a doubt, found the right man to marry, 2. He was officially a part of the family, and 3. My Mawmaw Bevie is the most loving, spectacular woman and my hero.

THAT is what kind of power a quilt posesses. THAT is what a quilt is all about.

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