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Ocean View Quilt

While shopping for the custom Victorian Sea quilt, I grabbed these fabrics and made a quilt I’ve deemed Ocean View. Like Voctorian Sea, it’s a spin off of the Seaside Manor due to the many requests. I think this one is a little brighter and more out there; especially with the combination of the bright green Amy Butler and perky blue back. I’m having such fun experimenting with new colors and backings. I have another primary color quilt in the making and another pink one due in June. I can’t wait to see how both turn out.

Until then, Ocean View is complete and ready for a loving home. Email me if you are interested: .  

Introducing Ocean View

Extra fluffy seams

All wrapped up and ready for a loving home!


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Spruce the Tub

My hubby and I had our 2nd Annual Mardi Gras Gumbo party this past Tuesday – Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). It’s always fun to shove all of our stuff into the closets and our bedroom and misguide our friends into thinking our apartment looks amazing every day. But what they don’t realize is that it’s all lights and mirrors…and having interior designers as best friends. Since I got so many awesome compliments, I’ve decided to share one of my favorite ticks for gatherings. It’s an area that many people forget or tend to hide instead. THE TUB. Do not underestimate the power of a spectacularly spruced tub. Again, it’s all about light and mirrors; candles being the light and the water being the mirror. Add a few flowers and voila, gorgeousness (yes, it’s a word. I say it is). Put a little water in the tub, add some floating candles and flowers and then fill the rest of the bathroom with larger candles and TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! Romance and relaxation for your guest as they do their business in the loo. What more could they hope for?

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Victorian Sea

This quilt was quite a feat. Mary, a friend of a friend of mine (Britton), orderd a Seaside Manor.  Since I have no control over when designers pull their designs for the different seasons, there was only one, yes one, fabric avaliable from the original Seaside Manor. That’s the beauty of my quilts – each one is an one of a kind original. Your baby, friend or pet gets a cozy quilt completely customized to them.

I had such fun in at Michael Levine Fabrics in downtown Los Angeles discovering new fabulous prints. I bought those in this Victorian Sea quilt and slightly more bright blues and greens that will appear in another in a few days. I was a littler nervous how Mary would like the quilt since she was picturing a Seaside Manor. You can imagin my relief when she wrote me an email oodling (yes, that’s a word I just made up) over the quilt. (part below)

 Mary: “Oh – it’s perfect! She is going to love it!”
I hope you love it just as much as Mary and I do.

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Seaside Manors

I just realized that I haven’t posted pictures of either Seaside Manor quilt! I apologize to you milions of follwers out there. I’ve been so preoccupied with all the sewing, I’ve neglected the posting.

I named these two quilts Seaside Manor in honor of one of my fondest family vacation memories.  After my freshman year in college, my parents and their best friends from Chicago, the Ericksons (my Uncle and Aunt but-not-really), took our families to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vinyard. I believe it was one of the last times all of us cousins-but-not-really were all together in one place…until our weddings (Oh, wait, Keith wasn’t there. But we had all just been at his wedding in Boston). It was our last vacation as “kids,” if you will. We had a dream of a time on the beach, riding bikes, eating and playing games. The local people are the most kind and respectful grouping of humans. It’s like someone transplanted the best of the South onto an island in the North. I loved every minute of it. I also credit that trip of trasnforming my love of Hydrangeas and the sea green, sky blue and turquoise colors into obsession. It’s like my mom describes the fabrics in these quilts, “Tiffany, that’s YOU in a quilt.” ‘Tis true Mama, ’tis true. I love me some Tiffany Blue (pun intended). Wait ’til you see the next two custom quilts I have in the works.

The first Seaside Manor quilt (with Sand back) is on hold for a Savannah, GA baby.

The Seaside Manor with Blue back is for Baby Asher in Tallahassee, FL. His mommy, Aubrey, is one of my good friends (and fellow Theatre Arts major) from my college days at Furman University. Thanks, for your support Aubrey!


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Elementary, Dear Watson

My latest quilt is for a little man. His mommy loves the colors red and lime green – thus her friends requested those two bright colors (They all went in together for this awesome gift – great idea!) . I must say, it was one of the HARDEST quilts to buy fabrics for. Even my go-to designer, Amy Butler, had nothing for me…or rather, the store I was in wasn’t carrying what I needed of hers. Bright primary colors are very hard to do in a classy and exciting way with the choices that are out there; add the fact the quilt is for a little BOY, it gets even more difficult. (Dang you red fabrics covered in flowers!) Thank goodness my husband, David, accompanied me to give “Guy Approval”. I do believe the quilt is successful and it turned out beautifully. In fact, I just got a message from Megan saying how much they love it. Yea, team!

*Credit alert: the multi-colored “stripe” fabric in the quilt was discovered by my husband, David. Good job, honey.

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Owl Love You Quilt Up for Grabs

I found these fabrics when shopping for a custom order and fell in love. Not your typical “baby” look, but for the mommy and little one who are originals, perfection. Email me to order:

Owl Love You Quilt Fabrics

And don’t forget about Age of Aquarius quilt – it’s still up for grabs too. (see earlier post)

With Mustard Back Fabric

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Email me if you’re interested

I’m developing applique onesies & t-shirts, cart covers, and cute stuffed animals, more pet stuff. All out of fabulous, classy fabrics, of course.

If you want to order, email : or find me on facebook – Li’l Bumpkin . Etsy store coming soon.

Li’l Bumpkin Disclaimer:
All the fabrics and batting I use are 100% cotton. I pre-wash and final wash in a private washer with Mrs. Myers Baby Detergent or Dreft Baby Detergent. As you wash your quilt, it will become more adorable and fuzzy. Please keep an eye out for stray threads and/or lint pieces, it’s part of the charm! Please use this quilt, wash this quilt and love this quilt. It’s very durable and is begging for playtime. And, please, spread the word! –

Be Safe! Please never leave your baby unattended on ANY quilt or blanket for risk of suffocation. I am not responsible for any allergy reactions or injuries that may occur while using this quilt.

*PS – Because of possbile allergies, I feel I need to say I have 2 kitties. With that said, I am extremely careful to keep my fabrics and materials AWAY from the kitties in a separate kitty-free zone room. In addition to that, once the quilts/items are washed, I package it (again, in the kitty-free zone) and keep it sealed.

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