Email me if you’re interested

I’m developing applique onesies & t-shirts, cart covers, and cute stuffed animals, more pet stuff. All out of fabulous, classy fabrics, of course.

If you want to order, email : or find me on facebook – Li’l Bumpkin . Etsy store coming soon.

Li’l Bumpkin Disclaimer:
All the fabrics and batting I use are 100% cotton. I pre-wash and final wash in a private washer with Mrs. Myers Baby Detergent or Dreft Baby Detergent. As you wash your quilt, it will become more adorable and fuzzy. Please keep an eye out for stray threads and/or lint pieces, it’s part of the charm! Please use this quilt, wash this quilt and love this quilt. It’s very durable and is begging for playtime. And, please, spread the word! –

Be Safe! Please never leave your baby unattended on ANY quilt or blanket for risk of suffocation. I am not responsible for any allergy reactions or injuries that may occur while using this quilt.

*PS – Because of possbile allergies, I feel I need to say I have 2 kitties. With that said, I am extremely careful to keep my fabrics and materials AWAY from the kitties in a separate kitty-free zone room. In addition to that, once the quilts/items are washed, I package it (again, in the kitty-free zone) and keep it sealed.

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