Elementary, Dear Watson

My latest quilt is for a little man. His mommy loves the colors red and lime green – thus her friends requested those two bright colors (They all went in together for this awesome gift – great idea!) . I must say, it was one of the HARDEST quilts to buy fabrics for. Even my go-to designer, Amy Butler, had nothing for me…or rather, the store I was in wasn’t carrying what I needed of hers. Bright primary colors are very hard to do in a classy and exciting way with the choices that are out there; add the fact the quilt is for a little BOY, it gets even more difficult. (Dang you red fabrics covered in flowers!) Thank goodness my husband, David, accompanied me to give “Guy Approval”. I do believe the quilt is successful and it turned out beautifully. In fact, I just got a message from Megan saying how much they love it. Yea, team!

*Credit alert: the multi-colored “stripe” fabric in the quilt was discovered by my husband, David. Good job, honey.

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