Seaside Manors

I just realized that I haven’t posted pictures of either Seaside Manor quilt! I apologize to you milions of follwers out there. I’ve been so preoccupied with all the sewing, I’ve neglected the posting.

I named these two quilts Seaside Manor in honor of one of my fondest family vacation memories.  After my freshman year in college, my parents and their best friends from Chicago, the Ericksons (my Uncle and Aunt but-not-really), took our families to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vinyard. I believe it was one of the last times all of us cousins-but-not-really were all together in one place…until our weddings (Oh, wait, Keith wasn’t there. But we had all just been at his wedding in Boston). It was our last vacation as “kids,” if you will. We had a dream of a time on the beach, riding bikes, eating and playing games. The local people are the most kind and respectful grouping of humans. It’s like someone transplanted the best of the South onto an island in the North. I loved every minute of it. I also credit that trip of trasnforming my love of Hydrangeas and the sea green, sky blue and turquoise colors into obsession. It’s like my mom describes the fabrics in these quilts, “Tiffany, that’s YOU in a quilt.” ‘Tis true Mama, ’tis true. I love me some Tiffany Blue (pun intended). Wait ’til you see the next two custom quilts I have in the works.

The first Seaside Manor quilt (with Sand back) is on hold for a Savannah, GA baby.

The Seaside Manor with Blue back is for Baby Asher in Tallahassee, FL. His mommy, Aubrey, is one of my good friends (and fellow Theatre Arts major) from my college days at Furman University. Thanks, for your support Aubrey!


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