Victorian Sea

This quilt was quite a feat. Mary, a friend of a friend of mine (Britton), orderd a Seaside Manor.  Since I have no control over when designers pull their designs for the different seasons, there was only one, yes one, fabric avaliable from the original Seaside Manor. That’s the beauty of my quilts – each one is an one of a kind original. Your baby, friend or pet gets a cozy quilt completely customized to them.

I had such fun in at Michael Levine Fabrics in downtown Los Angeles discovering new fabulous prints. I bought those in this Victorian Sea quilt and slightly more bright blues and greens that will appear in another in a few days. I was a littler nervous how Mary would like the quilt since she was picturing a Seaside Manor. You can imagin my relief when she wrote me an email oodling (yes, that’s a word I just made up) over the quilt. (part below)

 Mary: “Oh – it’s perfect! She is going to love it!”
I hope you love it just as much as Mary and I do.

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