Ocean View Quilt

While shopping for the custom Victorian Sea quilt, I grabbed these fabrics and made a quilt I’ve deemed Ocean View. Like Voctorian Sea, it’s a spin off of the Seaside Manor due to the many requests. I think this one is a little brighter and more out there; especially with the combination of the bright green Amy Butler and perky blue back. I’m having such fun experimenting with new colors and backings. I have another primary color quilt in the making and another pink one due in June. I can’t wait to see how both turn out.

Until then, Ocean View is complete and ready for a loving home. Email me if you are interested: tiffany@lilbumpkin.com .  

Introducing Ocean View

Extra fluffy seams

All wrapped up and ready for a loving home!

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One response to “Ocean View Quilt

  1. I LOVE this one, Tiffany!! Wish I had a baby to give it to!! xoxoxo fem

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