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Colorado : A Creative Haven

Colorado is a very special place for me.

My family always vacationed in the mountains since we lived in Pensacola, FL and  had access to the on the Gulf Coast beaches year round. I quickly discovered that I am a Mountain Girl. I love and cherish Pensacola Beach, don’t get me wrong. I will always return and enjoy those 97% quartz sands. And to this day, I am proudly the BIGGEST beach snot. (The beach out here in Los Angeles? Please, you call THAT a beach? Um, try again.) But dirt, rock, and trees bring a peace to my soul like no other terrain I’ve experienced; and Colorado has been the top of that terrain for me.


The minute I step off the plane my blood pressure lowers, my head clears and my breathing slows. I can’t explain it – it’s quite spiritual for me.

You can imagine my thrill when my two close friends, Doug and Katie, announced they were opening a Chick-fil-a in COLORADO (Aurora, to be exact). The minute Katie called me to share the news, I was online looking for plane tickets. David and I finally nailed down a date and went a few weeks ago to visit and ski, and it was beyond rejuvenating.

On the Top of the World

Doug's Chick-Fil-A

My Chick-Fil-A Favorite

The other awesome thing about Colorado is that I feel like my creativity peaks there. I so inspired by the environment and the other artists there that I get millions of ideas just walking around and sight-seeing. well, this time I got a head start and before David and I flew out, I made a few treats for Katie, Doug, their son, Pierce, and my friend Kristin (who flew in with her beau, Matt, to join the party). I’ve been wanting to try more applique things, so I found a plain navy shirt at a garage sale and put an alligator on it for Pierce. Instead of zig-zagging the edges, I did a regular stitch and then clipped the edges – like my quilts! (Katie and Doug both went to U of Florida – so Gators. It’s really hard, but I forgive them for that – Geaux Tigers, that’s LSU for those of you who don’t do college football).

It's Hard to Photo a Moving 3 Year Old

I also made some Pot Holders for Katie for a hostess gift (from the Ocean View quilt) and some Coasters for both Katie and Kristin for being awesome gals friends (we’ve been close friends since 8th grade, pretty amazing, huh?). Katie’s favorite color is pink – hence the birdies (from the Pink Birdie quilt!) and Kristin loves the aqua and turquoise blues like me (from the Ocean View and Pink & Chocolate quilts).

Made from Scraps - Recycle and reuse

Katie's Pink Birdie Coasters


We had such fun and plan to make it an annual trip. Next year hopefully more of our gal friends will be able to make it. We missed and love all you girls! See you soon Colorado.


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Today was a special day for me. Usually, 0nce I finish a quilt, I mail it and I hope to get pictures from customers (send them to me!) But today I had the excitement of physically delivering one of my quilts to its new owner. Lauren purchased the SQUIRREL! quilt a while ago, but I’ve been holding it hostage since I was invited to her baby shower (Yay, showers!). It was so thrilling to be there to see her and her hubby’s reaction, along with all her friends and family.

Lauren's Quilt

Lauren told me not to bring any gifts, just to come and meet her hubby, Adam, and her friends & family. Well, of course, I wasn’t about to show up without more treats since she bought the quilt. Plus, I love treats and presents and making people squeal with delight and this was the perfect opportunity. SO, I continued with the Squirrel theme and I made a precious (if I don’t say so myself) sleeper and bib. Ok, to clarify, I appliqued the sleeper, didn’t make the actual sleeper (bought that at REI. Yup, moisture wicking, the kid is ready for camping).

The front of the Squirrel Sleeper

When I appliqued the squirrel, I slipped around the edge, just as I clip on the edges of my quilts, so it frays and fluffs when it’s washed. I think it turned out perfectly. I added a little surprise on the bum – a little acorn. (David said it wasn’t classy to put the acorn on the front of the sleeper.  This, naturally, made me laugh so hard and want to put it on the front even more. Maybe on the next one.)

Acorn on the Bum!

The bib, I made completely from scratch. It’s only the 2nd bib I’ve ever made and it almost kicked my bum. But in the end, I think it’s pretty freakin’ precious.

Ready for drool

So here’s the whole Squirrel line and once I wrapped it all up in a bright red trash can.  I know it seems odd, but hear me out…As much as I love wrapping paper and tissue, it’s killing our world. So, I always wrap gifts in reusable items like baskets, containers, cloth bags, bowls…anything.  I chose a trash can (that matches the nursery theme) because many of my mom friends they never thought about geting a trash can for the nursery but quickly discovered they needed one. So, functional and adorable. What more can you want?

The custom SQUIRREL! Line


SQUIIREL! Line Wrapped Up

Gaging by the facial expressions and ‘Ooo’s’ and ‘Ahh’s’ reactions, I think the custom SQUIRREL! Line was a huge hit.

Lauren tearing into the quilt

She loved it!

Lauren and Adam with SQUIRREL! quilt

Discovering the bib

Seeing the nut (sorry it's fuzzy, I was excited)

I’m very proud and so excited that David and I were invited to be part of their special day. I hope the Squirrels bring many happy days of fun, love, and cuddling.

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Age of Aquarius has a Home!

As I was assembling the much loved birdie fabric, Ann emailed me and purchased the Age of Aquarius quilt. Yay! She lives in KY where the winter has been a cold one, so I hope this quilt brings much warmth and love to her and her precious furry baby – Kitty Kitty. That’s right, Li’l Bumpkin has officially sold our first Furry Baby Quilt. Ann didn’t buy it specifically for Kitty Kitty, but let’s be honest, the kitty will stake claim to the quilt. They always do.

Age of Aquarius Quilt

Made with Love

Ready for Kitty Kitty

I love the Birdies

I think Kitty Kitty will love playing with the edges.

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PIVOT Furniture : Organic Living for Kids

Congratulations to Heather Gallagher, President and Designer Director of PIVOT Furniture, for her success at the FIDM Gala Debut and display at he Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, CA. These two events gave PIVOT the perfect moment to announce their 2010 product debut – the Child’s Play Set (Table and Chairs) from the BLOOM Collection. 

The Play Set on display at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles

PIVOT Furniture creates the much needed luxury organic nursery and children’s furniture.  They use innovative designs combined with eco-friendly manufacturing to create SAFE products for our customers (no chemicals to breathe in here, people!). I’m especially excited that they are developing an organic textile line to accompany the gorgeous furniture. I’m in the talks to collaborate with fabulous people of PIVOT and design a specific Li’l Bumpkin fabric line. Yup, that’s right, we’re trying to add an all organic line to the family. You know there won’t be any pastel kittens with balls of yard in that collection. 

The BLOOM play set includes a table and 2 chairs that can be easily pushed together to convert to a compact piece and blend into any home environment. You will flip over these pictures – the design, materials and construction is like no other company I’ve seen. Purely GORGEOUS. 


BLOOM Chair : Cozy Seating

BLOOM Chair: Walnut Veneer and Cresent Pull Cut Out

BLOOM Chair : Close Up on the Cresent Pull Cut Out

BLOOM : Gorgeous Walnut Pattern on the Table Top

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Seaside Manor in Action

Aubrey sent pictures of precious little Asher on his Seaside Manor quilt – we love it! And we love the fact that they both love it even more. Thank you for sharing, Aubrey. I can’t wait to see the many adventures Asher and his quilty have together.

Baby Asher on His Seaside Manor

His "serious" face

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First, a shout out to Dug the Dog from UP for SQUIRREL! All I could do was scream SQUIRREL! every few minutes while I was sewing this quilt. David became extremely annoyed.

This Squirrel quilt has a very special place in my heart. I made a new friend, Lauren, through my former boss, Linda (my first boss in Los Angeles, as a matter of fact). Like us, she and her hubby, Adam, are from the South and have many of the same dreams and plans as David and I do. Lauren also happened to be preggers, so naturally, I was extremely excited and had to ask her all kinds of questions (sorry for the really personal and maybe inappropriate ones, Lauren). I don’t have kids yet, so I want to know everything, especially the TRUTH, ahead of time from everyone one else. Lauren graciously entertained me and  I just fell in adore with her (that’s when you completely adore a friend because they’re so cool and fabulous). So, when Lauren emailed me and ordered a quilt, I was ubber excited.

She told me she’s having a boy, yay!, and the nursery is, wait for it…, primary colors: red, blue and a little yellow. We all know what a hard time I had finding red fabrics for a boy for the Elementry, Dear Watson quilt. So, I was not excited of his part, but completely determined. I didn’t want to copy Elementry, Dear Watson, so the awesome Butterflies were out. I shopped and shopped and found nothing I was happy with. Luckily, Lauren told me to take my time, the baby isn’t due for a few months. Well, then I saw there was a quilt show in Torrence, CA – that’s just south of Los Angeles around Rendondo Beach. Naturally, I just had to go. Now, that’s another posting in itself, so I won’t reveal too much…but the good news is – I FOUND FABRICS! It all started with the SQUIRREL fabric and just exploded from there. Please enjoy the pics, I’m very proud and I hope that Lauren, Adam and baby love it just as much as David and I do. I think I have to drive back to Torrence and buy more SQUIRREL! It’s just too good.


Folded and Ready to Go

Blue Back with a Tag


A great find with the dot stripes

Close up on SQUIRREL!


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The Winter Games, Tiffany Style

One thing that everyone needs to know about me is that I get bored faster than a 4 year old child. I’m sure it’s the ADHD (thanks, Papa), but I have to get out of town and have some sort of excitement or travel stimulation. With this past week being our Anniversary, easy breezy – Bon Jovi Concert (yum), Curling lesson (we’re awesome), and spontaneous half-price skiing in the middle of the week with some gal friends (bring it). Now the problem is I want more. Maybe I should make a webseries of me searching out random acts of entertainment…humm, that’s an idea.

The Hottest Sweeper Ever

Curling Team Walsh

The Intensity on my Face, Seriously

Beth and Me a top Sun Valley Mountain

The black run we came down on the other side of the mtn

Me at the top

While on the chair lift, you can see Big Bear Lake

Does forging through freezing rain count too? I need to get a picture of that. But I am hoping it will dry up for the Oscars tomorrow. I don’t want to ruin my evening gown. Please no repeats of the Emmy’s on that point.

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