The Winter Games, Tiffany Style

One thing that everyone needs to know about me is that I get bored faster than a 4 year old child. I’m sure it’s the ADHD (thanks, Papa), but I have to get out of town and have some sort of excitement or travel stimulation. With this past week being our Anniversary, easy breezy – Bon Jovi Concert (yum), Curling lesson (we’re awesome), and spontaneous half-price skiing in the middle of the week with some gal friends (bring it). Now the problem is I want more. Maybe I should make a webseries of me searching out random acts of entertainment…humm, that’s an idea.

The Hottest Sweeper Ever

Curling Team Walsh

The Intensity on my Face, Seriously

Beth and Me a top Sun Valley Mountain

The black run we came down on the other side of the mtn

Me at the top

While on the chair lift, you can see Big Bear Lake

Does forging through freezing rain count too? I need to get a picture of that. But I am hoping it will dry up for the Oscars tomorrow. I don’t want to ruin my evening gown. Please no repeats of the Emmy’s on that point.

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