First, a shout out to Dug the Dog from UP for SQUIRREL! All I could do was scream SQUIRREL! every few minutes while I was sewing this quilt. David became extremely annoyed.

This Squirrel quilt has a very special place in my heart. I made a new friend, Lauren, through my former boss, Linda (my first boss in Los Angeles, as a matter of fact). Like us, she and her hubby, Adam, are from the South and have many of the same dreams and plans as David and I do. Lauren also happened to be preggers, so naturally, I was extremely excited and had to ask her all kinds of questions (sorry for the really personal and maybe inappropriate ones, Lauren). I don’t have kids yet, so I want to know everything, especially the TRUTH, ahead of time from everyone one else. Lauren graciously entertained me and  I just fell in adore with her (that’s when you completely adore a friend because they’re so cool and fabulous). So, when Lauren emailed me and ordered a quilt, I was ubber excited.

She told me she’s having a boy, yay!, and the nursery is, wait for it…, primary colors: red, blue and a little yellow. We all know what a hard time I had finding red fabrics for a boy for the Elementry, Dear Watson quilt. So, I was not excited of his part, but completely determined. I didn’t want to copy Elementry, Dear Watson, so the awesome Butterflies were out. I shopped and shopped and found nothing I was happy with. Luckily, Lauren told me to take my time, the baby isn’t due for a few months. Well, then I saw there was a quilt show in Torrence, CA – that’s just south of Los Angeles around Rendondo Beach. Naturally, I just had to go. Now, that’s another posting in itself, so I won’t reveal too much…but the good news is – I FOUND FABRICS! It all started with the SQUIRREL fabric and just exploded from there. Please enjoy the pics, I’m very proud and I hope that Lauren, Adam and baby love it just as much as David and I do. I think I have to drive back to Torrence and buy more SQUIRREL! It’s just too good.


Folded and Ready to Go

Blue Back with a Tag


A great find with the dot stripes

Close up on SQUIRREL!


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2 responses to “SQUIRREL!!!

  1. Linda Marder

    An amazing quilt for and by two of my favorite women!!!!!!XXXXXXX

  2. Amber

    SQUIRREL! Love it!

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