Today was a special day for me. Usually, 0nce I finish a quilt, I mail it and I hope to get pictures from customers (send them to me!) But today I had the excitement of physically delivering one of my quilts to its new owner. Lauren purchased the SQUIRREL! quilt a while ago, but I’ve been holding it hostage since I was invited to her baby shower (Yay, showers!). It was so thrilling to be there to see her and her hubby’s reaction, along with all her friends and family.

Lauren's Quilt

Lauren told me not to bring any gifts, just to come and meet her hubby, Adam, and her friends & family. Well, of course, I wasn’t about to show up without more treats since she bought the quilt. Plus, I love treats and presents and making people squeal with delight and this was the perfect opportunity. SO, I continued with the Squirrel theme and I made a precious (if I don’t say so myself) sleeper and bib. Ok, to clarify, I appliqued the sleeper, didn’t make the actual sleeper (bought that at REI. Yup, moisture wicking, the kid is ready for camping).

The front of the Squirrel Sleeper

When I appliqued the squirrel, I slipped around the edge, just as I clip on the edges of my quilts, so it frays and fluffs when it’s washed. I think it turned out perfectly. I added a little surprise on the bum – a little acorn. (David said it wasn’t classy to put the acorn on the front of the sleeper.  This, naturally, made me laugh so hard and want to put it on the front even more. Maybe on the next one.)

Acorn on the Bum!

The bib, I made completely from scratch. It’s only the 2nd bib I’ve ever made and it almost kicked my bum. But in the end, I think it’s pretty freakin’ precious.

Ready for drool

So here’s the whole Squirrel line and once I wrapped it all up in a bright red trash can.  I know it seems odd, but hear me out…As much as I love wrapping paper and tissue, it’s killing our world. So, I always wrap gifts in reusable items like baskets, containers, cloth bags, bowls…anything.  I chose a trash can (that matches the nursery theme) because many of my mom friends they never thought about geting a trash can for the nursery but quickly discovered they needed one. So, functional and adorable. What more can you want?

The custom SQUIRREL! Line


SQUIIREL! Line Wrapped Up

Gaging by the facial expressions and ‘Ooo’s’ and ‘Ahh’s’ reactions, I think the custom SQUIRREL! Line was a huge hit.

Lauren tearing into the quilt

She loved it!

Lauren and Adam with SQUIRREL! quilt

Discovering the bib

Seeing the nut (sorry it's fuzzy, I was excited)

I’m very proud and so excited that David and I were invited to be part of their special day. I hope the Squirrels bring many happy days of fun, love, and cuddling.

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  1. Chappell

    LOVE it! You are so talented my friend!

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