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And then there were 3…

 It’s been a crazy 2 weeks. I was down for the count with the “head crud,” as my Mom calls it. It set me back on 3 quilt orders, but thanks to my awesome, understanding clients, I finished and shipped them out on Monday. Yay!

Shannon ordered one for her adorable daughter, Shelby. Shannon and I cheered together in high school, so this was a special treat for me. Shelby’s room has browns, pinks, turquoise, greens, polka dots, flowers and stripes. This is what I came up with :  Introducing Shelby’s Mod Birdies Quilt

Shelby's Mod Birdies and Polka Dots



The quilt was delievered today and Shannon sent the follow message:

“We just got home from school and had a package on our door step. Tiffany- It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you so much! Shelby is ready to take it to sleep tonight! She absolutley loves the little birds and the polka dots! It’s amazing! You have a wonderul talent. Ill try to post some pixs soon. :)”

Talk about a warm fuzzy for me. I’m dying to see pictures of precious Shelby snuggled with her birdies.

The other two quilts I made were for Martha. You may recall, she ordered Easter Chapel for her daughter-in-law a few weeks ago. She loved that quilt so much she wrote me and ordered two more for her two nieces who are due in June.

“Tiffany, the quilt arrived late yesterday! It is wonderful. Murray loved it, too, for our Sophie. The work is perfect. Could I order two more for special births in the family? Let me know and thank you so much.”

I had still had Ocean View available and it turns out the colors were perfect. Martha loved it and asked for the second one to be made in a similar color theme. I was able to find some of the same fabrics, but discovered new ones too. I think they both are gorgeous – Perfect for a girl or a boy.

Ocean View – Original

Introducing Ocean View Extra fluffy seams


Ocean View’s Sister

Introducing Ocean View's Sister


Two Ocean Views makes Paradise

When Martha received the quilts, she wrote me, estatic again. Yay!

“The two quilts arrived last evening and once again they are master pieces. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with my special family and friends.”

Busy weeks makes happy people. I love making people smile and laugh until they cry. I hope my quilts bring such joy to these Mommys and Kids. Shannon and Marta, thank for all your support, encouragement, and for allowing your daughter and nieces to be my inspiration and muses.


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Quilts not just for Babies

I’ve had a few friends tell me they love my quilts and wish they had a baby so they could buy one. I respond with “Thank you so much. You know, they aren’t just for babies!” The beautiful thing about quilts is that they are multi-funcitonal for all ages and species. That’s right, species. If you have a dog or cat, a quilt is a must. My two furry babies LOVE all of my personal quilts (they’re not allowed around the ones I make). Especailly, Sebasitan, he’s likes to burrow underneath to stay warm.

Sebastian Burrowing

Just this past weekend, Sebastian and Penny padded around me as I loafed, miserably, sick on the sofa. 

Sargey making me feel better

He's a Quilty Kitty

And let’s not forget Ann who bought Age of Aquarius – she doesn’t have a human baby, but her furry baby, Kitty Kitty, took claim to the quilt immediately.

Kitty Kitty has taken over

The original Bumpkin (crib size) is perfect for children, pets and lap quilts for adults. But keep in mind, I can always add a few  rows and make it a little larger for the kids at heart (email for pricing).

Every life needs love and warmth. So, to help every see beyond just babies, I’ve come up with a list of people and occassions to buy a quilt:

Yea, You’re Born – How Li’l Bumpkin got started – quilts for the babies! You can’t beat it for newborn pictures.

First Day of Kindergarden – To ease any anxiety and give them something to look forward to when they get home that day. It’s perfect for the something to take to their first Show-And-Tell. And it gives you bragging rights to all the other Mom and Dad’s (you know you’re thinking it).

13th Birthday & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs – the Teenage Years –  A way to say ‘You’ll always be my baby’ and only half-way embarrassing your child. Of course, they’ll get smart and use it to cover up their holding hands with their crush while watching movies in the den – so be on the look out. At least they’ll be hiding it in style.

High School Graduation – A little bit of home for their first steps into adulthood. There will be days when they want to hide, cry and have a piece of home to make them feel better (this is coming from me, the woman who called her mom last weekend to cry and say her throat hurt…and yup, I was wrapped in a quilt when I made the  call). They’ll need something to cozy into when they procrastinate writing their term paper and watch a movie instead. Something to use for a picnic on their date with “the one.” An extra wrap when they go camping.  And it also can be use to throw over dirty laundry when unexpected visitors stop by.

Birthdays – What better way to say ‘I’m so thankful you were born’  than with a quilt custom made with their favorite colors?

Engagement Present – Take your honey on a picnic or trip with a custom quilt and pop the question. She’ll fall deeper in love with your “sensitive side” and cling to the quilt for years to come.

Weddings & Anniversarys – Quilts are actually a traditional gift for both occassions. Mine give it a modern twist. Choose their wedding colors and create an original time capsule and say ‘welcome to the family.’

Happy Mother’s Day – Every mama loves a quilt. Make her happy.

Welcome Home Furry Baby – For the friend who is adopting a puppy, kitty, or bunny. They’ll need some cuddle time with their new family. And the furry one will need something to hide under for the first 48 hours until they adjust.

Happy New Home! – What better way to say ‘Congrats on your new home’ than a yummy quilt for them to cuddle up on the couch and eat pizza…or between carboard boxes until they get a couch.

Retirement – You know they need some down time before they start tearin’ up the the town, make it warm and cozy.

Moving to a Nursing Home – When Grandma and Grandpa need more full-time care, give them special to remind them they’re loved. They’ll be the popular kids on the hall. Plus, it can get drafty in those homes.

Happy Divorce/I’m Sorry for your Divorce – Now hear me out, because I know it sounds weird. It’s a perfect way of giving someone constant hugs and comfort and a start to a New Begining. There’s gotta be a silver lining somewhere, right?

It’s a Tuesday! – You never need a reason give a gift. Choose your favorite person and give em a quilt just for the hell of it. They’ll remember it forever.

So, there you go. No need for a baby, quilts are awesome, sentimental and functional. So, who’s first?

Email to order. Soon to be on

Quilts start at $135 + shipping

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Help Save the Boobies!

I love the word Boobies. I do. It’s great. And boobies are great and they’re worth saving, dang it!

My fabulous friend, Celia, is participating in the Los Angeles AVON Walk for Breast Cancer in September. She has to raise at least $1,800 for the walk.

Celia’s Story

“Three years ago, I tested positive for the BRCA 1 gene.  I am very fortunate to have insurance so that I can be tested early and often.  In September, I’ll walk 39 miles over two days to raise money and awareness for women who are not so fortunate.  I will walk for every woman whose life has ever been touched by breast cancer.  I hope you will support my walk.” 

I donated, but want to do more. See, my aunt (dad’s sister) battled and won against breast cancer when she was 30 (a year younger than I am now). It has always been in the back of my mind growing up, but still not “real.” Then in 2003 my father faught and beat Lg B Cell Lymphoma and his brother had a benign tumor removed from his neck a few years later. Reality has set it. It’s not looking too hot on the Bordelon side of the family. Thankfully, I can report everyone is cancer free to this day – yay! But the fact remains that cancer is becoming more common amoung all ages. That’s why I wanted to give a little Lagniappe (a little something extra) and put my creative juices to work and serve the greater good.

I proudly announce that I am auctioning off a very special all pink quilt. It’s in honor of my aunt, Wynona: 

 “Moolah for the TaTas.”

Moolah for TaTas

Made with love to save the jugs

Woolard says bid big as in DD!

All proceeds go straight to Celia for the AVON Boob Walk.

To bid, leave a comment with you bid amount below this posting. The highest bid, wins!** I will contact you and payment can be made to me through PayPal and then I’ll write a BIG FAT CHECK to Celia, have a ceremony and post the pictures on the blog. I know, get excited. It’s a boobie party!

We’re starting the bidding off at $100.00.

Now spread the word and get a biddin’! I DD dare ya.

Auction closes at 6pm (PST) on Tuesday, April 20th.  (Tuesdays for TaTa’s!)

*We know that times are difficult for everyone, so any amount you are able to bid is deeply appreciated.  Thank you for considering it.


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I’m Blogged!

Li’l Bumpkin has been officially blogged!

My good friend, Femi, is the owner and photographer of Coralily Photography ( She has an amazing eye for capturing some of the hardest of models – children. If you are in the Southern California area and want gorgeous pictures of your newborn and kids, Femi is the woman to book! BABY!


A few weeks ago, Femi asked me to be a guest author on her blog. Check it out!

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Going to the Easter Chapel

and we’re, gonna have a baaaaby. (Get it, instead of “get maaaaried.”)

Ok, let’s clarify – I am NOT having a baby. My friend Chappell is. There, we’re all on the same page.

So, Chappell is married to Daniel. Daniel is childhood friends with David. We consider them family. So, when Daniel’s mom, Martha, ordered a quilt for their soon-to-be baby girl, Sophie, I was estatic. It’s always so exciting to make a quilt for my close friends. And this one, Easter Chapel, was especially fun because I was building the theme off of a painting that will be hanging in the nursery (below).

Birdie Painting in Sophie's Nursery

It was extremely difficult, but so much fun. Like a treasure hunt. I had two fabrics from the quilt show I went to a month ago, but I couldn’t find appropriate matches. Thank goodness I had a little extra time for this one. I went to five different shops before I went back to Michael Levine in the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles. I wasn’t having the “YES! This is it,” moment. Thank goodness when I returned to Michael Levine, all the spring lines had arrived. Yay! And that’s when I found the multi-pasteled flower fabric and the rest fell into place. I cannont tell you the relief.  I think it turned out beautifully.

Announcing Easter Chapel

The lead fabric on the right

I name it Easter Chapel because the colors remind me of Easter eggs and then the play on Chappell’s name.

My new Mascot - Woolard

Martha received the quilt today and she sent me the following message:

“Tiffany, the quilt arrived late yesterday! It is wonderful. Murray loved it too for our Sophie. The work is perfect. Could I order two more for special births in the family? Thank you so much.”

 I’m so thrilled she’s as much in love with it as I am. I hope Baby Sophie will agree.

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