Going to the Easter Chapel

and we’re, gonna have a baaaaby. (Get it, instead of “get maaaaried.”)

Ok, let’s clarify – I am NOT having a baby. My friend Chappell is. There, we’re all on the same page.

So, Chappell is married to Daniel. Daniel is childhood friends with David. We consider them family. So, when Daniel’s mom, Martha, ordered a quilt for their soon-to-be baby girl, Sophie, I was estatic. It’s always so exciting to make a quilt for my close friends. And this one, Easter Chapel, was especially fun because I was building the theme off of a painting that will be hanging in the nursery (below).

Birdie Painting in Sophie's Nursery

It was extremely difficult, but so much fun. Like a treasure hunt. I had two fabrics from the quilt show I went to a month ago, but I couldn’t find appropriate matches. Thank goodness I had a little extra time for this one. I went to five different shops before I went back to Michael Levine in the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles. I wasn’t having the “YES! This is it,” moment. Thank goodness when I returned to Michael Levine, all the spring lines had arrived. Yay! And that’s when I found the multi-pasteled flower fabric and the rest fell into place. I cannont tell you the relief.  I think it turned out beautifully.

Announcing Easter Chapel

The lead fabric on the right

I name it Easter Chapel because the colors remind me of Easter eggs and then the play on Chappell’s name.

My new Mascot - Woolard

Martha received the quilt today and she sent me the following message:

“Tiffany, the quilt arrived late yesterday! It is wonderful. Murray loved it too for our Sophie. The work is perfect. Could I order two more for special births in the family? Thank you so much.”

 I’m so thrilled she’s as much in love with it as I am. I hope Baby Sophie will agree.

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One response to “Going to the Easter Chapel

  1. Laurie Garrett

    What a fantastic match to the painting! I LOVE your quilts!!!

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