Help Save the Boobies!

I love the word Boobies. I do. It’s great. And boobies are great and they’re worth saving, dang it!

My fabulous friend, Celia, is participating in the Los Angeles AVON Walk for Breast Cancer in September. She has to raise at least $1,800 for the walk.

Celia’s Story

“Three years ago, I tested positive for the BRCA 1 gene.  I am very fortunate to have insurance so that I can be tested early and often.  In September, I’ll walk 39 miles over two days to raise money and awareness for women who are not so fortunate.  I will walk for every woman whose life has ever been touched by breast cancer.  I hope you will support my walk.” 

I donated, but want to do more. See, my aunt (dad’s sister) battled and won against breast cancer when she was 30 (a year younger than I am now). It has always been in the back of my mind growing up, but still not “real.” Then in 2003 my father faught and beat Lg B Cell Lymphoma and his brother had a benign tumor removed from his neck a few years later. Reality has set it. It’s not looking too hot on the Bordelon side of the family. Thankfully, I can report everyone is cancer free to this day – yay! But the fact remains that cancer is becoming more common amoung all ages. That’s why I wanted to give a little Lagniappe (a little something extra) and put my creative juices to work and serve the greater good.

I proudly announce that I am auctioning off a very special all pink quilt. It’s in honor of my aunt, Wynona: 

 “Moolah for the TaTas.”

Moolah for TaTas

Made with love to save the jugs

Woolard says bid big as in DD!

All proceeds go straight to Celia for the AVON Boob Walk.

To bid, leave a comment with you bid amount below this posting. The highest bid, wins!** I will contact you and payment can be made to me through PayPal and then I’ll write a BIG FAT CHECK to Celia, have a ceremony and post the pictures on the blog. I know, get excited. It’s a boobie party!

We’re starting the bidding off at $100.00.

Now spread the word and get a biddin’! I DD dare ya.

Auction closes at 6pm (PST) on Tuesday, April 20th.  (Tuesdays for TaTa’s!)

*We know that times are difficult for everyone, so any amount you are able to bid is deeply appreciated.  Thank you for considering it.


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4 responses to “Help Save the Boobies!

  1. Laurie Garrett

    I bid $105!

  2. Ann Hutchinson

    I bid $150.00

  3. And the winner is…Shirley! Thank you, thank you for your bids. Celia is overjoyed and I’m just plumb excited.

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