Quilts not just for Babies

I’ve had a few friends tell me they love my quilts and wish they had a baby so they could buy one. I respond with “Thank you so much. You know, they aren’t just for babies!” The beautiful thing about quilts is that they are multi-funcitonal for all ages and species. That’s right, species. If you have a dog or cat, a quilt is a must. My two furry babies LOVE all of my personal quilts (they’re not allowed around the ones I make). Especailly, Sebasitan, he’s likes to burrow underneath to stay warm.

Sebastian Burrowing

Just this past weekend, Sebastian and Penny padded around me as I loafed, miserably, sick on the sofa. 

Sargey making me feel better

He's a Quilty Kitty

And let’s not forget Ann who bought Age of Aquarius – she doesn’t have a human baby, but her furry baby, Kitty Kitty, took claim to the quilt immediately.

Kitty Kitty has taken over

The original Bumpkin (crib size) is perfect for children, pets and lap quilts for adults. But keep in mind, I can always add a few  rows and make it a little larger for the kids at heart (email for pricing).

Every life needs love and warmth. So, to help every see beyond just babies, I’ve come up with a list of people and occassions to buy a quilt:

Yea, You’re Born – How Li’l Bumpkin got started – quilts for the babies! You can’t beat it for newborn pictures.

First Day of Kindergarden – To ease any anxiety and give them something to look forward to when they get home that day. It’s perfect for the something to take to their first Show-And-Tell. And it gives you bragging rights to all the other Mom and Dad’s (you know you’re thinking it).

13th Birthday & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs – the Teenage Years –  A way to say ‘You’ll always be my baby’ and only half-way embarrassing your child. Of course, they’ll get smart and use it to cover up their holding hands with their crush while watching movies in the den – so be on the look out. At least they’ll be hiding it in style.

High School Graduation – A little bit of home for their first steps into adulthood. There will be days when they want to hide, cry and have a piece of home to make them feel better (this is coming from me, the woman who called her mom last weekend to cry and say her throat hurt…and yup, I was wrapped in a quilt when I made the  call). They’ll need something to cozy into when they procrastinate writing their term paper and watch a movie instead. Something to use for a picnic on their date with “the one.” An extra wrap when they go camping.  And it also can be use to throw over dirty laundry when unexpected visitors stop by.

Birthdays – What better way to say ‘I’m so thankful you were born’  than with a quilt custom made with their favorite colors?

Engagement Present – Take your honey on a picnic or trip with a custom quilt and pop the question. She’ll fall deeper in love with your “sensitive side” and cling to the quilt for years to come.

Weddings & Anniversarys – Quilts are actually a traditional gift for both occassions. Mine give it a modern twist. Choose their wedding colors and create an original time capsule and say ‘welcome to the family.’

Happy Mother’s Day – Every mama loves a quilt. Make her happy.

Welcome Home Furry Baby – For the friend who is adopting a puppy, kitty, or bunny. They’ll need some cuddle time with their new family. And the furry one will need something to hide under for the first 48 hours until they adjust.

Happy New Home! – What better way to say ‘Congrats on your new home’ than a yummy quilt for them to cuddle up on the couch and eat pizza…or between carboard boxes until they get a couch.

Retirement – You know they need some down time before they start tearin’ up the the town, make it warm and cozy.

Moving to a Nursing Home – When Grandma and Grandpa need more full-time care, give them special to remind them they’re loved. They’ll be the popular kids on the hall. Plus, it can get drafty in those homes.

Happy Divorce/I’m Sorry for your Divorce – Now hear me out, because I know it sounds weird. It’s a perfect way of giving someone constant hugs and comfort and a start to a New Begining. There’s gotta be a silver lining somewhere, right?

It’s a Tuesday! – You never need a reason give a gift. Choose your favorite person and give em a quilt just for the hell of it. They’ll remember it forever.

So, there you go. No need for a baby, quilts are awesome, sentimental and functional. So, who’s first?

Email lilbumpkinbaby@yahoo.com to order. Soon to be on www.etsy.com

Quilts start at $135 + shipping

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