Double the Goodness on Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommies!

I went overboard this year. I couldn’t decide what to get my Mom, so I surprised her by flying home to see her for Mother’s Day. I flew into Baton Rouge, LA where my Dad picked me up (he was there seeing his Mom). Then we picked up my other grandma, my Mom’s Mom, Bevie, and then drove to Pensacola. Bevie and I hid in my old room when my Mom got back from work. Dad told her that he got part of her Mother’s Day gift early, but it was too big to leave out, so he put it in my room. “Go look at it,” he says. So, she walks in and there we are standing there. She about fell on the floor she was so shocked; it was the best ever! So, YAY for surprises and Mommy Day.

The bonus of the weekend – there was a baby shower for my friend Brittany and her twin Daughters, Kitt and Garet.



 First, the back history to share why this shower was so very special:

Brittany had to have an emergency C-Section way back in September (they were due in December) due to an unknown blood pressure issue. The girls had to stay in the hospital for 6 weeks, but they are fighters, gained the needed weight and went home. Shortly after, they found out the Kitt had cancer in her right eye. But after surgery, she’s doing great and even has a gorgeous glass eye. I couldn’t even tell which eye is was! Brittany had to tell me. It’s so amazing how technology has advanced over the years. So, after all of that, you can imagine what joy everyone shared yesterday at the shower! (PS: you can read more about Kitt and Garet on their blog : )

Another reason it was so special was because 4 of us gals from high school had some time together again.

Brittany, Kristin, Sheree, and Me (holding Rylee, Sheree’s daughter)

Sheree’s baby shower was a year ago, but Brittany couldn’t make it. We missed Katie yesterday, but reports say she’ll be in town this summer. I feel another trip coming on!

I had a blast making all sorts of treats for Kitt and Garet. I did 2 bankies, a kitty and appliqued onesies. The onesies almost killed me, I’ve never done them before. But I think they turned out beautifully and I definitely know what I would do differently next time to make life easier and not say as  many curse words. Thank goodness my Mawmaw was sitting there just laughing at me the whole time so I didn’t take myself so seriously. Remember, when you’re doing something new there’s this thing called a learning curve…and I have definitely curved!

Two Bankies and a Kitty for Kitt and Garet

Kitty butt!

Onsies: Kitt and Garet will sport the 4 folded onsies and Rylee gets the sleepy kitty one.


All wrapped up


The week has been so relaxing and blissful. Gorgeous weather capped with a yummy lunch at Pensacola’s famous McGuire’s Irish Pub and a walk on the most pristine beach in the world.

Pensacola Beach

Ahhhhhh, relaxation.

 It’s so hard to say goodbye and head back west, but I know I have great things to conquer and creations to cook up. I am so thankful for my Mommy who has giving me nothing but love, support and cheerleading all my life. She instilled creativity in my daily routine. Without her I wouldn’t see the possible creations of the future. And to have such quality alone time with my Mawmaw this week has been priceless. You know life is good when you’re completely satisfied sitting quietly, sewing and eating pound cake. Her laugh is infections and makes me feel like I’m the funniest thing God ever created. And my Daddy, let’s give him 3 cheers. He rearranged his schedule to pick me up and drive me to and from Louisiana so I could pull off this crazy surprise. I’m so excited for our Daddy/Daughter time tomorrow in New Orleans before I fly out…ooooohhhh, Cafe Du Monde. He’s the model of sacrifice and love. I hope I can come close to emulating him in my life.

Happy Mommy’s Day to all you Moms – of children and furry ones. You make this world go round.

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