Kitties benefit from my ADHD

Around Easter, my Mommy sent us a box with two awesome monogrammed towels in it. Little did she know that she sent the bestest gift ever – THE BOX.

Penny immediately staked her claim and has slept in it every day since.

Penny Claiming her Box

We’ve had a few kitty battles over the box, which resulted in Sebastian sulking on the ottoman next to the box.

Penny wins & Sebastian sulks

After a month and a half of the gorgeous brown box sitting in our den, I accepted that it is now a permanent feature. Hence to fore, I decided it needed to blend in instead of looking heinous. Enter the Cat Box Cozy.

Introducing the Cat Box Cozy

The pretty inside once cozied

I bought the Amy Butler fabric for pillows, but I decided Penny would look fabulous sleeping in it. And boy was I right! While my friend Heather was over gabbing today, we said NO to procrastination and made the cozy. It’s basically a pillow case with a square bottom. Sew up the sides, slide the box to the bottom and tuck the ends neatly at the bottom and viola. Cat Box Cozy.

Penny wasn't too sure at first...

I re-introduced Penny to her box and she wasn’t too keen at first. In the original box, there was tissue paper and paper grass in the bottom for her to scoot and wiggle in. So, I put two crumbled plastic bags underneath the fabric and then sprinkled the paper grass on top.

Penny finally approves

That seemed to do the trick. After a few different positions, Penny has officially accepted her prettied up box.

Happy Puss in Boots Eyes


To sleep, perchance to dream...

Kitty is happy and I can’t take my eyes off the purrrdy box.

I’ve been wanting to start a Li’l Bumpkin Pet Line, so here’s the first item!

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One response to “Kitties benefit from my ADHD

  1. Adorable! How creative are you??!!!?? You never cease to amaze me:)

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