Appliqued Onsies are too Precious

When I began planning for my friend Brittany’s baby presents, I wanted to make her things she could use but wouldn’t be shoved in a pile with the other million presents she received. Yes, I like my things to be up front and center and USED. None of this put it on a shelf because it’s too pretty thing. No ma’am! Use them! Having twins, I knew she would get two of everything. And because they were premies, I also knew she would mostly small sizes. People tend to buy for the “now baby” instead of thinking ahead to 18 months or larger. That’s when mom and dads really need gifts because the kids have outgrown the majority of the shower gifts by that time. Yes, I know, practical me always thinking ahead like that. After much contemplation, I went with the Bankie option (smaller quilts for the girls to drag around), a stuffed kitty, and appliqued onesies – size 18 months.

Onesies: Kitt and Garet will sport the 4 folded onesies and Rylee gets the sleepy kitty one.

This was my first round of onesies, so I think they turned out very well, considering. I have found a new backing that washes away for future onesies, which is very excited and mesmerizing. I do love them all, but I must say my favorites are the Bunny Bum and then the Squirrel. They’re both so bold and enticing. I mean, who can’t “awww” over an acorn on the baby bum? I know, adorable.

Bunny Bum


Acorn Bum

The Beach scene is special too because it’s a shout out to Pensacola Beach where Brittany and I grew up. Holla! But it almost killed me, along with the Birdie onesie. Soooo difficult.

In honor of Pensacola Beach

The Birdie was extra hard

And because there were five onesies and only two babies, I couldn’t give an odd number, naturally. So, the Sleep Kitty went to my friend Sheree’s daughter, Rylee. She’ll be one soon – I can’t believe it.

Sleep Kitty for Rylee

Yay, for onesies and, yay, for new adventures and successes.

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One response to “Appliqued Onsies are too Precious

  1. Brittany

    And they are all adorable! I promise they will be worn 🙂

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