I Love Sewing for Friends

Almost a year ago, my friend, Laura S. (because I more than one friend named ‘Laura,’ I have to distinguish with last initials), and I made an exchange of talents. She designed and constructed my acting website (www.tiffanybordelon.com) and I sew whatever she wants in exchange. Thus far, I have hemmed curtains (two sets: the first time we used lace…that stretched…not so smart, opps.) and made a table skirt. We’re still on the hunt for the perfect fabric for another table skirt. One thing I love about Laura S. is that she has a great knack for finding free things and fabric remnants (I know, how very Green of her). Remnants are large pieces of fabric that have been left over or cut in odd shapes; thus are sold at major cheap prices – perfect for smaller project – like making sofa throw pillows! So, tonight , after a dinner of Kale & Potato soup, we made a throw pillow to spruce up Laura S.’s sofa.

Front of Laura’s Pillow

The fabric is a Jacquard – which means the pattern design can be seen from the Right Side and the Wrong Side of the fabric. Laura S. decided that she likes the Wrong side better since it was lighter and her sofa is darker. I agreed. So we used the Wrong side as the Right side.

Back of Laura’s Pillow

As we were cutting the fabric, we hit a snag. The remnant was cut in a huge triangle wedge. So, we couldn’t get two identical 25″ squares for both sides of the pillow. Using our creative problem solving skills, we cut two 13.5″ pieces to sewing together to make the 25″ back square (Yes, math majors, I know 13.5 x 2 doesn’t equal 25. You have to add a little extra for sewing seam allowance.) Laura S. made an additional last-minute twist by flipping one of the 13.5″ pieces over so, the back side is half and half. And I think it turned out even better. So “Designer” looking, don’t you think?

I’m absolutely in love with it.

Laura loves her “designer” pillow.

And so is Laura S.

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