Crafty Girls are Awesome and Get Stuff Done

I am so lucky to have many gals friends who are self-proclaimed “Marthas.” I feed off of these other women. Love it. I’ve known my friend, Heather, for about 5 years. We both are quite crafty and designed inclined (Ok, Heather IS an Interior and Furniture Designer – PIVOT Furniture, but I worked for one, thanks). From cooking to sewing to furniture construction to throwing parties to arranging things in sets of 3; we love it all. We also have an uncanny knack of turning “nothings” into works of art. Those are our “who knew we are so amazing, Oh, wait, we did” moments. We loved being Creatives.

Heather recently moved into a new apartment. New apartments all have one thing in common – bare white walls. Being lovers of color, this kills us. Heather was allowed to paint her walls, I am seething with jealousy since I am not. But I choose to put that aside and live vicariously through her.

We spent a day last week finishing her place. Unpacking the last of the bins, sorting through papers, magazines and books, covering bulletin boards in pretty fabric, making mats for posters with fabric remnants, choosing thing final layout…you know, the basics. The twist was, Heather had company coming in the next night and she still had tons of bins to sort through. Oh, the horror! What was she to do? Well, luckily, she had an extra chrome metro rack.

I suggested, temporarily, of course, we put the rack by the door, shove everything on the shelves and conceal it with pretty fabric she had left over from another project. She could use the top as a “catch-all” table for mail and keys, add an orchid (or other favorite plant) for beauty and feng shui and hide everything else. Done and done! Oh, and because, as we established before, we’re awesome and we morph nothings into art – it  turned out GORGEOUS (the project, not us – we’re looking a little haggard. We had been working all day and it was hot, give us a break).

It doesn’t take a ton of money to make your home look pretty and feel fun and rich, whatever the style is to you. Take a step back, rearrange some things and then try to imagine accessories used for a different purpose that what they were originally created for. That’s when magic happens. It works for us!

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One response to “Crafty Girls are Awesome and Get Stuff Done

  1. Shirley Bordelon

    You two are adorable and just sheer genius!

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