I am the Hemming Master

My hubby, David, bought some corduroy pants at a fabulous resale clothing store, Buffalo Exchange. They were too long for him (story of his life) and asked me to hem them for him. I said sure, I can do that for you. I’ve hemmed MANY a pants for him in the past 7 years of our marriage, why would this be any different? Oh, well, because he would prefer the original hem put back on this time. I KNEW I shouldn’t have asked the question. Now, understand, David could honestly care less if his pants are perfectly hemmed or not. He’s easy like that. It’s me that has taken jeans to the dry cleaners down the street and paid $12 for them to hem them with the original hem for me. I like my original hems, thanks. So, I thought, hey, I can do this, bring it on.

Yeah, that was , about 4 -5 months ago. I’ve come up with other projects and made every excuse in the book NOT to hem the pants because I was scared to death of the original hem issue. David, being the sweet husband that he is, hugged me the other night and kindly asked, “Honey, can you do two things for me this week?” David never asks for anything, so, without even thinking, I say, “Absolutely, what are they?” “Could you do the credit cards receipts (we match our receipts to our statements to make sure no hankey panky is going on … I had 4 months worth to do. I know, I know.) and can you hem my pants, please?” DANG IT! Fooled again. AND he said ‘please.’ Mer.

So, after 3 more days of procrastination, I HEMMED THE PANTS! I’m awesome.

Before I started cutting

My Hubby in his hemmed pants. Penny, our cat, approves, as you can see.




Can’t even tell, can ya?

Let’s just say it one more time – I’M AWESOME. It’s amazing what happens when we face our fears. Go Team!


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2 responses to “I am the Hemming Master

  1. Mom Walsh

    You are awesome. I don’t know how you did it. The pants look great, and I can’t even tell that they were hemmed. Wow!
    Love to both of you. Have fun tonight.
    Love Ya!

  2. Shirley Bordelon

    Never any doubts about the awesome or amazing!!

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