New Li’l Bumpkin Labels are in Action

Now that things have been moving a little bit for Li’l Bumpkin, I’m trying to move with them and form a more professional “company.” Though this is my hobby right now, I would love to turn it into a full-time gig soon and be “real.”

 My first step is ordering quilt labels that say Handmade by Li’l Bumpkin on them instead of Handmade by Tiffany Walsh. I put it off for months, being a scared little child. But after getting a tons of recommendations from other crafters on, I finally made an order with Jennifer Jewels ( She did beautiful work, exactly what I asked for. Thanks, Jen!

I only ordered 30, because I have taken my second step of being “real” and I’m having a logo and blog banner designed! Yay! Once I have that official logo, I’ll  put that on labels (get ready, Jen!). I’m learning as I go. It’s very exciting. I’ve already used 4 labels. Keep an eye out for them in my next post – Four New Quilts in My Etsy Store!

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