Etsy Store is OPEN!

After months of learning, sewing and getting over some fear…my Etsy store is OPEN! I’ve posted 4 quilts that are ready to go and waiting for a home.

We welcome to the Li’l Bumpkin Family : Pastel Heaven, Bumble Birds, Teal Bird Cage and Owl Love You.

Pastel Heaven

Bumble Birds

Teal Bird Cage

Owl Love You

Which one is your favorite? What colors and styles would you like to see in the next batch of quilts?

I know I’ll learn more and more as I go forward, but this is a very exciting step to becoming “real.” Please spread the word!

(the link has been corrected. Thanks, Bridgett and Jen!)


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2 responses to “Etsy Store is OPEN!

  1. Brittany

    I tried to click the link above to go to your Etsy store and it said it was a bad link. I just wanted to let you know so you could get people to your site. I LOVE the owl quilt. My girls sure do love theirs….. Brit

  2. Sheree

    Yay! Good luck on the Etsy store! Love all the quilts. You’re so talented!

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