Swiss Butterflies

We’ve all been there, and if you haven’t you will be at some point. A friend calls you announcing she’s preggers. After your duel squeeling, you ask the the top two questions: “When are you due?” and “Is it a boy or a girl?” And the you hear, “We’re waiting to find out the gender. We want to be surprised.” UGH!

Now, I love surprises and mystery, and, let’s be honest, I’ll probably decided to wait to find out too whenever I get preggers myself  (no, family, we’re not trying). But, until then,  it kinda complicates my schedule having to shop for Baby Switzerland. It’s frustrating and take MUCH more time because there really aren’t very many adorable “neutral” baby selections.

DING, DING! What is that I realize? There’s a NEED in the baby market? Actually, there are TWO. One, stylish neutrals that don’t look like yellow and green threw up on a onesie. And, second, awesome boy clothing in general. If I see one more over the top, cheesy airplane with the words Wooosh written by it, I’m going to start throwing things. So, this is my committment to the little boys and “who knows what you are yet” kids out there. You WILL have options, dang it!

So, to start it off with a bang, I announce to you Swiss Butterflies: A neutral solution to not knowing the baby’s gender. This was a custom order quilt and I LOVED shopping for it. A major challenge. I must admit, as my friend Heather and I were shopping for fabrics, the client called and shared the baby’s gender – a boy. So, a little blue was tossed in for a splash of color since it would match the nursery colors. Nevertheless, I think it is beautiful for either gender. I will make another completely neutral quilt with nothing but creams, whites and tans,  soon. I know, get excited for purdy options!

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