My Dream Future Backyard

Yesterday was a long, fabulous day. David’s Aunt Ann and Grandma Gran Have been in town for a long weekend visit. We went to the Huntington Gardens in San Marino, just east of Pasadena, CA. David and I have gone before with my parents, but it’s been so long, I remembered nothing. It was as it I was first laying eyes on everything all over again. And GORGEOUS doesn’t even begin to describe the beauty on the land. We saw practically every plant known to man from your everyday rose to Alien-like succulents. My favorite areas were: the Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Chinese Garden and the Children’s Garden.

The Rose Garden has the most awesome rose ever…a Tiffany Rose. Look closely at the sign by the roses. I use to have one growing outside my bedroom window when I was little. I thought I was the coolest thing on earth. And I was, of course.

The Japanese and Chinese Gardens were the most eye googling landscapes. The serenity and beauty was so intense that my eyes couldn’t absorb it all.

Ann, Gran, David and Me in the Japanese Garden

Chinese Garden – yay, lili pads!

The Koi fish were a treat. I couldn’t get over how massive and colorful they were. I had a special moment with a yellow Koi and a black Koi – I called them my Saints Koi. Who Dat?!

The Children’s Garden was AMAZING. I don’t know who was more excited; me, the  non-parent ,31-year-old woman or the many, many precious 4-year-old munchkins dancing in the water fountains. I was running and skipping around, shrieking (yes, seriously, I was out of control) to David about how cool everything was and how I wanted it all in my backyard…when I have a backyard. Guess I’ll never grow up.

The very first thing I saw was a topiary playhouse – a metal house frame covered in vines and flowers.

Inside there was a wooden table and four chairs for kids to play on. Of course, I was instantly inside shrieking, again, that I wanted it in my backyard I don’t have for the kids I don’t have yet. Oh, one day.

Then I saw the coolest toy ever – a Nail Chime (I made the name up). Within a stone wall, there is an arch with a gap in the middle. In that gap, there were tons of nails of different sizes and gauges stuck into either side of the gap. The kids, or me in this case, drop tiny rocks through the top of the gap and as the rocks fall and hit the nails, you hear the most entrancing music. I couldn’t get enough.

What you see when you are dropping in the rocks

David finally peeled me away so the real children could have a chance to play. Sorry, I don’t like to share.

The last thing I saw and I feel in love with was the Vine Tunnel. Like the Topiary Play House, this Vine Tunnel is a metal frame with vines and flowers growing all over it. Naturally, I went inside (did you expect anything less?).

I was instantly transported back to my pre-school days.

We had concrete irrigation tubes in our playground area to play in and on (yeah, that would never be there today, hi, safety). One time, my friends, Jennifer and Cheryl, and I were playing inside one of the tubes and didn’t know the class went inside, so we were left out there in our imaginary world for who knows how long. Eventually, a teacher came out and found us. Who knew we were such trouble makers!

I dedicate this garden experience to those two gals. Thanks for the great memories, ladies. When I have my backyard children’s garden you’ll have to come over for tea…inside the Vine Tunnel.

 We spent about 5 hours at the Gardens and didn’t even see it all. An almost perfect day in California. Note to self: Next time wear better shoes.


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3 responses to “My Dream Future Backyard

  1. Ann

    What a lovely, fun day we had. Yes, you were shrieking and runnng and skipping and dancing. Go ahead and have all the fun you can have. One of these days you’ll wake up and you’ll be 57 years old and then soon you’ll be 93. The only thing you’ll want to do then is to get a tattoo, and that can be painful. So, go ahead and have fun, fun, fun and shriek all you want. Hugs!

  2. Mom Walsh

    We loved the pics of all of you. Would love to have been there with you. I know everyone had fun. Thanks to you and Dave for the great time you have given to Mother and Ann.
    Love Ya!

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