A Treat for a Big Girl

On Wednesday night, I leave for a 3 week whirlwind tour of summer vacation: Boston Area, Louisiana, and then Pensacola, FL. Yay!

My fabulous friend, Bridgett, lives in Cromwell, CT with her hubby and daughter. She’s first on my list. She came out to Los Angeles last year to visit. And what fun we had: ESPN Zone downtwon Los Angeles, Disneyland and Trapeeze Flying. Exhaustingly fun.

Before that, we hadn’t seen each other, I think, since her wedding! And that was…6 years ago? Oh, no, I’m loosing count. Nevertheless, we promised we would not let so much time pass before our next visit.  Seeing that I still have not met her daughter, Kendall (recipient of the first ever Li’l Bumpkin quilt)…who is now 3 years old…

I know, look at those cheeks! I said, it’s time to squeeze them. Thus, me jetting off to visit the gals while Daddy is in Africa covering the World Cup (love you Wayne! See you in Aug for the X-Games.)

Being the good and crafty Auntie that I am, I want to make Kendall a little treat for when I see her. Bridgett, one of my fellow “Marthas,”  has worked very hard over the past few months putting together Kendall’s new “Big Girl” room; and the color palatte and bedding is PRESH. I want to live there.

By God’s grace, I found fabric that matches her room PERFECTLY! But now, WHAT do I make? It’s so tough to choose. A kitty? An Owl? A pillow? Ugh, decisions. This is where being a Libra seriously handicapps me; can’t make a decision to save my life.

What do YOU think? What shall I make for this precious, little “Big” girl?

Photos of Kendall and bedroom dressings courtesy of Bridgett Edwards : Perideau Designs .  


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