Festive Wear for a Festive July 4th

I have two nieces, Abby, 7, and Elle, 4.  David and I spoil them rotten, but not too much, since both sets of grandparents live close to them and spoil them enough for us too (thanks, guys!). I am pretty good at sending them treats for every major holiday. I try to make them educational, reusable or useful in some shape or form. This time I just went for precious.

While I was shopping with my friend Bridgett in CT, we happened upon a MAJOR sale in GAP kids – trouble. Bridgett went crazy getting stuff for her fabulous diva, Kendall, while I snatched up two blue dresses for my two divas for 4th of July. Naturally, I had to get accessories to go with them. We can’t have an incomplete outfit, now, can we? NO! I though, no problem, I’ll pop into another store and get some red headbands or bows and done and done. Well, easier said than done. NOTHING. No red, people.

I left CT yesterday, Monday. I spent all day today shopping with my Mama and my “Mama 2,” Mrs. Audrey and we STILL didn’t find what I was looking for. I’ll admit, in the beginning, I was picky and holding to my guns. 4 hours later, I would take anything that looked remotely decent. I found some flip-flops as a bonus, but in the head accessory area – still, NOTHING. So, I took matters into my own hands…and my Mama’s!…and we made headbands and ponytail holders to match with ribbon Mama had at home already. I know, how awesome and green of us!

This is how the hair band will kind of look when in a pony tail.

I boxed it up and shipped it out. Cross your fingers, the loot should be there by Friday. Now Abby and Elle can be stylin’ and profilin’ and whatever 4th of July festivities they attend. GO USA!

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