Healing and Ready to Create!

It’s been quite a time since my last blog. I was traveling for 3 weeks and then endured sickness once I returned home. Instead of fighting it like I usually did, I surrendered. I think I’ve recouped much faster. And I’m sure my customers will be thankful to know that I wasn’t sewing while constantly blowing nad wiping my snotty, leaking nose. You are thankful, huh? Told you.

One good thing about being down for the count with sickness is that I had a TON of time to think and plan. Now it’s time to get that planning into ACTION. Without action, nothing is achieved, so let’s make it happen, world! I have four friends/family who have had babies recently and two more on the way later in the year. So, major busy with those. Some are getting quilts or bankies, others are getting onesies or bibs or other inventions since they already have a quilt someone purchased for them. I’m excited to finish so I can mail them out so the babies can wear them before they grow out of them in 2 hours.

I’m excited to start growing and creating  more items beyond “baby.” My inspiration are my two nieces: Abby and Elle, my cousins: Gracie and Gabby, and my friends’ children: Kendall, Rylee, Pierce, Eli (x2!) and Owen…and more and more keep adding to that list. With the exception of Owen, they’re all toddlers or older. I need YOUR help in knowing what the different genders like and the different ages gravitate towards. Especially you parents of little boys, bring it on!

What would you like to see for your child for clothing, toys and accessories?

Let me give you some ground rules: no cartoon or tv/movie characters – you have plenty of choices for that in Wal-Mart and Target. Keep it simple. And give me favorite pattern and colors: individual and combos. What makes something more “masculine” in your eyes? And specify what the different ages prefer – as your kids get older, what do they tend to gravitate towards? Once they hit 6 or 7  and start thinking you’re “uncool,” what designs, patterns, and styles do they prefer?

I inspired to begin designing a  Boys line of clothing once I tried to find a cute outfit for my friend’s son, Pierce. Let’s face it, girls have it easy. Poor little boys have no choices when it comes to fashion. I’m sure they could care less, but Moms should have cute options to pacify themselves – especially when you have to put your kids together in pictures. The girls always outshine the boys in this situation. The time has come for that to change. So, get excited, send me your desires and I’ll post as I go.

Now I’ve really created some work for myself!

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