Onesie Madness!

I think God was working overtime about 9 months ago, because it seems like every one of my preggers friends had or is having their baby in the recent weeks. It’s crazy! Must be the full moon. Of course, I’m still behind on my friends who had babies in May and June. I know, I know. I’m a horrible friend. But, now it’s time for catch up!

If you remember, back in April I posted Going to the Easter Chapel – Chappell & Daniel’s Quilt. Daniel’s mom, Martha, bought a custom quilt for her future grand-daughter. Well, on June 22nd, Sophie Britton Hughes was born! I had been cooking up what to get as a gift since they already had a quilt (my usual go-to!) and couldn’t decide – I’m a Libra, give me some slack. In these situations instead of deciding on one thing, I do both. It’s easier. 

For the first half, I made some appliqued onesies. The kicker is I used scraps from her quilt so my little munchie Sophie can be all diva-like and match during her tummy time.

This onesie is  very special. As you know, I love to recycle and reuse whenever I can. With clothes, I do this by going vintage or gently worn. I bought this onesie from a local store called “It’s a Wrap!” It’s a Wrap! They re-sell clothes and accessories used in TV shows and films (all cleaned, of course, but I pre and final washed it myself in Ms. Meyers Baby Detergent). This particular onesie was on All My Children. Now Sophie has a little Hollywood glam in her wardrobe.

The second half of the gift I ordered from my awesome gal, Bridgett, at Perideau Designs. She’s my favorite stationary designer. Every person I’ve given her stuff to as gifts have gone ape crazy over it – and rightly so. It’s AMAZING. Being the Southern lady, I know Chappell will be writing millions of ‘Thank Yous’, so I know she’ll love the custom notes Bridgett designed especially for her. Please notice the bird to go with the nursery theme. PRESH.

Now it’s all wrapped up and ready to go (with a “Gift from” tag from Perideau Designs). I can’t wait to see baby Sophie writing in style.

Additional onesies available in my Etsy shop! –

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One response to “Onesie Madness!

  1. Shirley Bordelon

    Love, love, love these! so adorable:)

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