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Let’s Hear it for the BOYS!

FINALLY, it’s that time – it’s all about the BOYS! From previous posts, you have read that I feel so bad for the little men in our lives because boys’ clothes are soooo not as cute as girls’ clothes. They just don’t have many “cool” options. So, I’m trying my best to design some boy clothes to remedy that problem. And this is my first official shirt (after Pierce’s Gator Shirt, but that wasn’t “official.”).

Say hello to Wiener Dog Chase

Front of Shirt : the dogs wrap around the sides to and from the back.

Back of Shirt

This particular Wiener Dog Chase is for our friends’ son, Alister. We’ll see them for the first time in years in about two weeks for a wedding in Vancouver.  So, naturally, I had to make him a treat! I found a fabulous American Apparel shirt at It’s a Wrap! (it was used on ABC’s All My Children) and appliqued the wiener dogs. I just hope it fits, he’s growing like a weed!

As I get more boys’ clothes designed and made, I’ll be posting – keep on the lookout!

This shirt and custom-made shirts available in my Etsy store!


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Getting Organized and Ready for Action

I admit it. I am OBSESSED with organization. It’s true. My heart palpitates when I just see The Container Store, much less walk inside. Everything is so pretty and NEAT. What’s ironic about my whole obsession is that I am the poster child for ADHD. So, my brain is fighting my love for organization on a daily basis. And I’m proud to say that my love is slowly conquering my brain…with the exceptional hurricane week. Let’s just say that sometimes I lose all desire to clean or put anything away and the piles take over. My poor husband. But I get it together and whip myself back into shape – or nothing else in my life ever gets done.

I have been, and still am, trying to devise the best system to organize my materials and fabrics for Li’l Bumpkin. It’s difficult, because we have very little room and my brain functions on “out of sight, out of mind.” So, I have to keep visual reminders of my next projects in front of me. Right now, I’m thinking pictures on my bulletin board is the best way. Eventually, in my awesome restored, historical house on 30 acres of land (none of which I have yet), I will have an entire wing decked out with hanging racks (yes, like in the design show rooms) and storage shelves to organize all my fabrics and materials. Ahhh, bliss. Oh, it’ll happen.

Back in reality, my first step in getting organized and ready for the upcoming orders of quilts and onesies on my list – Service the Janome. I bought my Janome sewing machine at Tanner’s Sewing and Vacuum Center in Westchester, CA (that’s Los Angeles-ish. Close to the airport). They are the most FABULOUS and amazing people ever. They cleaned and oiled my baby and now she’s purring like a special kitty. Ready for action!

The second thing I did was get my ducks in a row…and when I say ducks, I mean my thread. It was everywhere and I had now idea what I had, how much I had or where it was. Good thing they make Thread Organizers. Naturally, I had to organize it all by color and size. I think I may need another bin for future overflow. I love thread.

I just wish I could’ve used my label maker in some way…I’m sure I’ll think of something.

We’re ready to sew, people. Bring on the orders. We can take it!

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