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Dutch Bros., How I Love Thee

In the large world of large business tycoons, it’s not often a customer gets a directly communicate with any business. But in my little world, it happens.

Dutch Bros. Coffee is by far the most awesome coffee on the planet. Ok, I know the planet is very large and I haven’t sampled every coffee to be had, but Dutch Bros. Coffee still ranks #1 in my book. GO TEAM DUTCHY!

Get ready for another story from my galavamp up the Pacific Northwest Coast! You know you were hoping for more, you love it.

I’m a major fan of local, Mom & Pop restaurants and stores. No offense Starbucks, your Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Latte rock my world, but I want more variety in my coffee world. Good for you for being successful, I applaud you, yay! But honestly, there are more Starbucks locations than there are churches in the South. It’s a little out of control. So, with due respect, my goal while traveling the coast was NOT to go to Starbucks…yes, even in Seattle. I was determined to find every other coffee shop and give them my moolah. And because of that, David and I discovered DUTCH BROS. COFFEE!!! Oh, my life is richer for it.

We were in Newport, OR staying in the most classiest hotels, The Money Saver Moter Inn (What you’re picturing in your mind right now is probably right on target). Right across the street was a Dutch Bros. Coffee stand. It’s a free-standing hut that you either walk up to or drive up to. Easy breezy. Their logo is a windmill – get it, Dutch.

I’ll admit, at first I laughed and made fun of it. But that didn’t stop me from wanting their coffee. They have a windmill, it’s random and funny, I like it. (Good job marketing team, you got me!) David rises earlier in the mornings than I do, so he usually goes for a jaunt as I slowly join the world and get ready. Being the sweetest most awesome hubby in the world, he came back with a latte for me (Awwwww) from Dutch Bros.! Excitement. Once I took a sip it was double excitement – AMAZING. The coffee was SO good. I’m telling you SO SO good.  From then on, if we saw a Dutch Bros., we stopped! I was hooked.

We missed out on the last location on our way back home to Los Angeles. Heartbroken. But once we were home, I sent the company an email  praising their coffee and employees (the nicest people ever!) and begged them to expand to Los Angeles and to the South (they’re only in OR and northern CA). I wasn’t expecting an answer, I just wanted to let them know they were loved. Well, a few days later I opened my email and there was a response from Rita at Dutch Bros.! (below)

Good Morning Tiffany,

You lucky girl! Vancouver, BC! I imagine that trip was amazing. Yes, we are working on growth and expansion. We will eventually be in the South. For now you have to trek it up to Fresno if you want a cup of Dutch Bros. 🙂

Could I send you a package of Dutch Luv? Just for being so thoughtful and emailing your kind words! If it is cool with you, just email me back your mailing address.

Have a great day, Tiffany!


SERIOUSLY?! I get Dutchy treats?! You can imagine my happy dance. I send her my address and conveyed my excitement. And a few days later…DUTCHY TREATS! Who knew letting someone know how much you love them meant getting treats? Here’s the series of my reaction:

I was so touched by Rita’s generosity, I’m spreading the word. And to prove my devout love for their coffee, David and I drove 40 minutes out of our way on the way home from San Fran (Nancy’s Wedding) to Fresno, CA to get a Dutchy coffee! This time I tried the Dutch Freeze, a blended frozen latte. Oooohhhhh SO good. If Heaven was a drink, it would be the Dutch Freeze.

Because of the recent events, I am announcing myself as the official Unofficial Dutch Bros. Ambassador. I’m working on becoming a wealth of Dutchy knowledge. Who knows, maybe I’ll own my own Dutchy stand one day…once they expand, of course (Large enough for great success, but staying small enough to remain charming and personable). 

Until then, Dutch Bros., I love you dearly. Thank you for an impeccable product and exquisite employees and staff. They do you proud and bring admiration to your company. I will spread the world of your coffee mecca and will be available for any marketing and PR tours you may develop… maybe one that involves a windmill on wheels traveling cross-country selling the most delicious coffee known to man (no really, I’m serious, let’s get the wheels moving). Thank you for brightening my world and making me a little more awake.

Cheers to you!



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Inspiration from the Past

I love vintage anything. My Daddy always told me I was born in the wrong era. It’s totally true. I don’t know where I belong, but it’s definitely a mixture of the 1800s and the 20s, 50s, 60s, 70s with a splash of 80s (since that’s my actual birth era, it works). See? I told you, odd. I’m always attracted to the teals, greens and yellows in the world. And that usually brings in 70s garb and decor. What can I say? It strikes a chord in me.

As we were prancing up the Pacific Northwest Coast, David and I stopped in Bellingham, WA. ADORABLE city. I heart it mucho. The morning before we crossed the border to Canada, we killed some time in an antique mall downtown. And boy was I upset we hadn’t known about it earlier. I would’ve devoted an entire day just in that one mall. Everywhere I turned, there was a jewel to be had. I could’ve decorated my house that I don’t have yet from the gems in that mall. I can usually control myself and logically say, “I have no need for this right now and if I ever do there will be another one available somewhere else.” But this time, there was no stopping me…except for David.  In the end I didn’t spend the $3,000 of merchandise I had selected (a couch and chairs were involved…seriously, where would I put that at home, much less GET it home? Good grief). But I DID buy two items.

First, this awesome vintage pin cushion. I think it’s pretty kickin’ and it makes me want to make pretty things.

I also bought my birthday present – the most gorgeous light fixture ever known to man. But, that’s another posting…my special Happy Birthday to Me posting in 2 weeks. Keep an eye out for it. I know, the anticipation. Can you guess what color it is?

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David gets Hemmed Again

Ahh, hemming. I am the queen, as you know. This time it was a pair of swim trunks David scored for $1 at an estate sale.

I don’t know why, but whenever my hubby wants me to hem something of his, I procrastinate the project as long as possible.   I guess it’s because I don’t want to mess it up. David could care less, Just do it,” he says. “You’ll do great and it doesn’t matter.” Yeah, I wish I could have the same mentality.

I have a major problem with perfectionism. I want things to be right the first time, that way I don’t have to re-do anything. Of course, the only way of perfecting something is practicing over and over again and figuring out what works and what needs to change. Hummm, deep. Anyway, I made the measurements, twice, and cut once like a good stagecraft gal. Then I practiced with my double needle (I know, fancy) on the scraps until it was right. Finally I just went for it and wouldn’t you know it, success.

I’d say David is happy.

Lesson learned by Tiffany: stop obsessing and just do.

Imagine what I could do with all that time I wasted procrastinating nad stressing over it being “right.” Humm.

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Sophie Loves Li’l Bumpkin!

There is nothing more I love than seeing customers happy. My days are made when I get pictures of Li’l Bumpkin creations in action. It’s even sweeter when the pictures are my friends’ kids. Check out little Sophie movin’ and grovin’ in her Acorns & squirrels onesie.

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Nancy and Andrew are Hitched!

Congratulations to Nancy and Andrew!  Welcome to the wedlock club.

David and I made the 6 hour drive up on yesterday morning, got there early enough for me to do my hair and make up in the car and then we changed at the wedding location (I know, classy). Ironically, we had to wait for the restroom to change in. And who were we waiting for in there? None other than Nancy, the bride. How funny is that? I think we cleaned up pretty well.

Nancy and Andrew got hitched last night at 6pm in San Francisco and followed with a kickin’ party downstairs in the bar.

The food was sooo very tastey, the cake was amazing (yay, moist red velvet!), and the guests were adorable and a joy to meet.

One of the best benefits, seeing some middle school friends. Nancy and I went to middle school together, Brown Barge Middle School – go panthers!  (I don’t think we ever said that in middle school, we didn’t have any school sports to cheer for. We were a magnet school, yes, we were smarty pants) So did one of Nancy’s bridesmaids, Sarah.

Me, Nancy & Sarah together again

I haven’t seen Sarah since…well, middle school! Ok, maybe we saw one another once or twice during high school at a football game or something, but not  that often.

Old Middle School pals

I also caught up with Nancy’s brother (and Man of Honor!), Paul. Handsome as ever!

Sarah, Nancy, Monica & Paul

Nancy, Andrew & Nan

It was one of the best parties ever. Nancy was the most beautiful bride and Andrew, sooo handsome. I am so thankful and honored that David and I were able to be there and be a part of their special day. They are two of the most brilliant, loving, and genuine people. I’m thrilled that Nancy and I have reconnected and look forward to many more parties in the future.

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Getting Crafty with My Friends

You know Laura S. I made her a pillow a while ago. What you don’t know about Laura S. is that she’s super crafty, resourceful and has a killer eye for design. We have to give her mom a few props…she’s an interior designer and I’m sure a little bit of that rubbed onto Laura S. as she was growing up. But Laura S. is just plain ubber talented in the end.

Laura S. and her hubby own a voice-over company called Soundawg. They have recently upped the ante and transformed their front living room into an open space for coaching classes and recording. I wish I had before pictures, alas. It was adorable: sagey green, a sofa, bunny corner (the have two bunnies, Henry and Ewok), and an office area. Well now that they’ve cleaned out, repainted and relocated Bunnyville, it looks MASSIVE and very classy.

Laura S. is now at point of putting in the finishing touches – accessories and curtains. Being the genius that she is, she raised the curtain rods to the top of the ceiling which heightens the room. The problem with that is the curtains are too short.

Enter ME to the rescue!

Laura S. pulled her resourceful magic and found some table cloths at ROSS Dress for Less. I cut them up and sewed them to the bottom…the bunnies helped.

After a few hours of measuring & sewing…and re-measuring because store bought curtains are never the same width, who knew? We were ready to hang.

VOILA! Longer and modern curtains. 

I think that it really grounds them and makes the room. Very classy. What do you think? I can’t wait to see the other two sets up.

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Coastal Safari – Quilt for Amy

Amy is a special friend of mine. We grew up down the street from one another until her family moved to another neighborhood when we hit middle school age. Our families were made to be close friends. She has two sisters, Tracy and Kelly. Tracy is the oldest, Amy is the same age as my older brother, Toby, and Kelly is my age. Our families had dinner together at least once a week, or so it seemed. We were always playing “cars” on our bikes around the neighborhood or reenacting ANNIE or SOUND OF MUSIC for our parents. I think it would be safe to say we had a charmed childhood to say the least. And all of us cherish ever single minute. Now we all grown up and having kids of our own…ok, the Eswine girls are having kids of their own. Toby and I haven’t even started. We’ll catch up someday.

Amy and a few of her friends purchased one of my Seaside Manor quilts for a friend about a year ago. She always keeps tabs on my work and leaves sweet, encouraging comments (thanks, Amy!). So, when Amy placed an order for her very own quilt for her second baby boy, I was extra excited. It had to be especially perfect. 

She doesn’t have an official theme set, but her colors are gray, yellow and teal. I know, how very chic and modern of her! I love it. During my vacation up the Pacific Northwest Coast, I stopped at every quilt shop I set eyes on. My poor husband, he was so patient with me as I bought one fabric here, another there, then would toss out the first one when I found the third because it didn’t work just right. It was difficult at first because I couldn’t find that “one perfect fabric” that becomes the foundation of the design. But, FINALLY, off a twisty, one-lane dirt path road in the middle of who-knows-where-I-was Oregon, I found the Giraffe fabric and everything fell into place.

The Foundation Fabric – Giraffes

 The Coastal Safari Fabrics

 I am so in love with the giraffe. I was fortunate to stumble upon it again at the Fabric Depot in Portland, OR and bought more yardage for other little projects. I think I may have to make a little animal for myself, I love it so much. The first quarter I used for the Baby’s Mason’s Coastal Safari!

Amy and Baby Mason, I wish for you many cuddle times in your Coastal Safari Quilt.  Hopefully I’ll see you all in person in the next year.


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