Traveling the Pacific Coast

I’m out of the office traveling up the Pacific Coast on my way to wedding in Vancouver, Canada. I have wanted to explore this area of the USA since a child when I saw pictures, but my appetite grew even more once I met people in college who raved about it. I quote, “Oregon is the most beautiful state in the country. I’ll never live anywhere else.” Well, we all know I’m a mountain gal, so I HAD to see this for myself. And being in love with Colorado, I was extremely anxious to compare the two states…

We first stopped in San Francisco to see my childhood friend Nancy and her soon-to-be hubby, Andrew. I gave them their wedding gift because I could no longer wait, I was so excited. See her blog for immediate pictures. I’ll post some as soon as I return. . The next day we left for Oregon.

I’m officially in love with Oregon now. The mountains in the west are so majestic and magical. In risk of sounding cheesy, my soul feels alive and boundless when I am here. It’s been raining most of our trip thus far, but I’ve loved every minute. The gray mist seems to roll over my restless mind put it to rest and calm my anxious stomach.

And the silence…purity.

Then there’s the history attached to all the little towns along the way.  The simplicity of their daily life is mesmerizing. One part of me yearns for it and the other half fears I’ll be bored within a month (the life of an ADD gal). Nevertheless, the tales of the fishermen and the lighthouse keepers and families are jaw dropping and inspiring. The two trades risked their lives to provide and protect for the other. It’s beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, if you’re never seen a Fresnel lens larger than life…GO TO UMPQUA RIVER LIGHTHOUSE.

On a sewing note – I’ve been stopping at Quilting Stores along the way…much to my hubby’s dismay. But he’s so patient, precious. I’m a luck lady. Anyway, these stores are SO MUCH FUN. I’ve seen so many different fabrics, I don’t know what to do with myself. And then there’s Fabric Depot in Portland, OR – 1.5 acres of fabric. IT’S AMAZING. I did keep myself under control…or David did, rather. If wasn’t there, there would have been MAJOR damage. But I have professed to bring my Mom back there for a girls trip one day. They have a Quilt Run (drive, really) and we must do it one year. Get ready, Mom!

I’ll post pictures as soon as I can. My card isn’t read my travel computer (it’s an antique laptop, shall we say). But I wanted to share a brief blurb of my travels thus far.

We in WA now and will be off to Vancouver this weekend to celebrate our friends’ marriage. I can’t wait to share more. I am posting pictures as I go to my personal Facebook page – .

Happy Labor Day!

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