Best Invention in the World – #2 : Cupcake Courier

I love sugar – specifically bake goods. It’s one of my main down falls…my hubby’s too. I never had a prayer. My Mommy and Bevie passed on the sewing and quilting to me, but they also passed on the skill of baking. And let’s not forget to give my Daddy blame kudos. He’s a MAJOR sweet tooth and is known to randomly bring home sweet rolls and such that were sooo on sale that he just HAD to buy them. So, you see? It’s not my fault. It’s a hereditary condition.

I have many gals friends who share my passion of baking. One day my friend, Celia, shared one of her secret weapons – the Cupcake Courier ( It’s AMAZING. You can fit 36 cupcakes in the courier. Or you can remove the trays and use it for a layered cake. Or insert the 3 tray sheets and they transform into brownie trays…or anything else you need a flat surface for. It’s perfect for sweets on the air-tight  move. PHENOMENAL. I can’t say enough about it. All the reason why it ranks at Best Invention in the World #2.

Once I saw it, I had to have it. But I couldn’t quite justify it, for some odd reason. I usually have no problem justifying anything. Thank goodness, another friend, Heather, came to the rescue. She gave David and me a gift card to Williams-Sonoma for our anniversary…and, well, they just happen to carry the Cupcake Courier. Can you guess what our card paid for? THAT’S RIGHT!!! My very own Cupcake Courier! I wanted the blue one – naturally, but they only had clear. But it’s gorgeous, fabulous and goes with any themes. I love it!

Everyone needs one. You want it, you know you do. Do it.

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