Wedding Gifts are now a Picnic

I love weddings. Always have. I love everything that comes with them. I especially love when my friends get married. Such a party! My childhood friend, Nancy, is getting married to her fabulous beau, Andrew, next weekend in San Francisco. I decided that I should drop off their present early so I could enjoy seeing their reaction…and I wouldn’t have to lug it around the San Fran hills in heels the day of the wedding. Yeah, I’m smart.

When I got married, Nancy gave me 4 adorable Cow juice glasses. She said they reminded her of my cow and impressions that I did in middle school when goofing around (yup, I remember and have pictures in boxes at home to prove it). I use them every morning and think of her. They’re one of my most favorite presents because they were so personal. I wanted to reciprocate the same feeling for Nancy on her special day. But what to get? We had so many obsessions together growing up – Lemon Ohs! cookies, horse camp, Miss America Pagents…the list goes on. But I wanted something personal, yet classy and functional.

 Nancy is an editor at and has a Sandwich Blog “Between the Bread.” I know, so clever! She is obsessed with sandwiches. Ok, it’s more of a love affair, really. I finally realized, THAT’S IT: SANDWICHES. From there the gift took on a life of its own.

I first bought vintage sandwich shaped Salt and Pepper shakers .

But I wanted something to go with it to make it complete. A few weeks later I randomly found a card game called “Slamwich!” – seriously, it exists. I couldn’t believe it. From there the present exploded: a picnic basket and complementing plates and cups from Target, Sporks from outdoor store Adventure 16, and a shaker of “Slap Your Mama!” Cajun seasoning (made in my Daddy’s home town, Ville Platte, Louisiana).

To top it off, I custom-made a picnic blanket and napkins – owls, of course. Nancy loves them as much as I do.

When Nancy and Andrew opened the gift, they were thrilled. Ok, I think Nancy was more excited than Andrew, but I know he appreciated every detail. He’s awesome like that. I hope she felt the same warmth I felt when I knew she found a very personal present for me for my wedding. I think she did. She even blogged about it : .

I absolutely love, love giving presents and wedding presents are extra special. I know Nancy and Andrew will sport their picnic get-up and maybe even think of David and me and how much we adore them and how happy we are for their marriage. Here’s to future picnics and parties!

Happy Wedding, Nancy & Andrew!

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One response to “Wedding Gifts are now a Picnic

  1. Shirley Bordelon

    I know of no one on this earth who gives so much of herself to others – You are the best! I am sure that Nancy will love using this custom made present that can be a vehicle for creating great memories. And just think – many of those memories will have a “touch of Tiffany.

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