Getting Crafty with My Friends

You know Laura S. I made her a pillow a while ago. What you don’t know about Laura S. is that she’s super crafty, resourceful and has a killer eye for design. We have to give her mom a few props…she’s an interior designer and I’m sure a little bit of that rubbed onto Laura S. as she was growing up. But Laura S. is just plain ubber talented in the end.

Laura S. and her hubby own a voice-over company called Soundawg. They have recently upped the ante and transformed their front living room into an open space for coaching classes and recording. I wish I had before pictures, alas. It was adorable: sagey green, a sofa, bunny corner (the have two bunnies, Henry and Ewok), and an office area. Well now that they’ve cleaned out, repainted and relocated Bunnyville, it looks MASSIVE and very classy.

Laura S. is now at point of putting in the finishing touches – accessories and curtains. Being the genius that she is, she raised the curtain rods to the top of the ceiling which heightens the room. The problem with that is the curtains are too short.

Enter ME to the rescue!

Laura S. pulled her resourceful magic and found some table cloths at ROSS Dress for Less. I cut them up and sewed them to the bottom…the bunnies helped.

After a few hours of measuring & sewing…and re-measuring because store bought curtains are never the same width, who knew? We were ready to hang.

VOILA! Longer and modern curtains. 

I think that it really grounds them and makes the room. Very classy. What do you think? I can’t wait to see the other two sets up.

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