Nancy and Andrew are Hitched!

Congratulations to Nancy and Andrew!  Welcome to the wedlock club.

David and I made the 6 hour drive up on yesterday morning, got there early enough for me to do my hair and make up in the car and then we changed at the wedding location (I know, classy). Ironically, we had to wait for the restroom to change in. And who were we waiting for in there? None other than Nancy, the bride. How funny is that? I think we cleaned up pretty well.

Nancy and Andrew got hitched last night at 6pm in San Francisco and followed with a kickin’ party downstairs in the bar.

The food was sooo very tastey, the cake was amazing (yay, moist red velvet!), and the guests were adorable and a joy to meet.

One of the best benefits, seeing some middle school friends. Nancy and I went to middle school together, Brown Barge Middle School – go panthers!  (I don’t think we ever said that in middle school, we didn’t have any school sports to cheer for. We were a magnet school, yes, we were smarty pants) So did one of Nancy’s bridesmaids, Sarah.

Me, Nancy & Sarah together again

I haven’t seen Sarah since…well, middle school! Ok, maybe we saw one another once or twice during high school at a football game or something, but not  that often.

Old Middle School pals

I also caught up with Nancy’s brother (and Man of Honor!), Paul. Handsome as ever!

Sarah, Nancy, Monica & Paul

Nancy, Andrew & Nan

It was one of the best parties ever. Nancy was the most beautiful bride and Andrew, sooo handsome. I am so thankful and honored that David and I were able to be there and be a part of their special day. They are two of the most brilliant, loving, and genuine people. I’m thrilled that Nancy and I have reconnected and look forward to many more parties in the future.

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