Inspiration from the Past

I love vintage anything. My Daddy always told me I was born in the wrong era. It’s totally true. I don’t know where I belong, but it’s definitely a mixture of the 1800s and the 20s, 50s, 60s, 70s with a splash of 80s (since that’s my actual birth era, it works). See? I told you, odd. I’m always attracted to the teals, greens and yellows in the world. And that usually brings in 70s garb and decor. What can I say? It strikes a chord in me.

As we were prancing up the Pacific Northwest Coast, David and I stopped in Bellingham, WA. ADORABLE city. I heart it mucho. The morning before we crossed the border to Canada, we killed some time in an antique mall downtown. And boy was I upset we hadn’t known about it earlier. I would’ve devoted an entire day just in that one mall. Everywhere I turned, there was a jewel to be had. I could’ve decorated my house that I don’t have yet from the gems in that mall. I can usually control myself and logically say, “I have no need for this right now and if I ever do there will be another one available somewhere else.” But this time, there was no stopping me…except for David.  In the end I didn’t spend the $3,000 of merchandise I had selected (a couch and chairs were involved…seriously, where would I put that at home, much less GET it home? Good grief). But I DID buy two items.

First, this awesome vintage pin cushion. I think it’s pretty kickin’ and it makes me want to make pretty things.

I also bought my birthday present – the most gorgeous light fixture ever known to man. But, that’s another posting…my special Happy Birthday to Me posting in 2 weeks. Keep an eye out for it. I know, the anticipation. Can you guess what color it is?

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