Tea Towels for Kendall’s 3rd Birthday

My “niece,” Kendall, turned 3 this weekend. She had a huge, blow out birthday party in the theme of Pink & Green Candy. Because I knew she’d be drowning in presents, I sent a Savings Bond as her official gift (which translates to her as “MONEY!”). She’ll thank me when she goes to college. But I also made some tea towels for her mommy, Bridgett, to use or not use.

When in Ashland, OR, I found these pink and green plaid towels. I immediately thought of Kendall’s party and bought them.

Of course I couldn’t just leave them plain! I added pink and green rick-rack and coordinating “K”s.

I think they are adorable. Bridgett got an unexpected bonus treat and I created an unexpected new product – custom tea/hand towels. It’s a win-win. She put them on the cotton candy table – perfect! Check it out on her blog : http://perideaudesigns.com/blog/2010/10/03/kendalls-sweet-shoppe-birthday-party/

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One response to “Tea Towels for Kendall’s 3rd Birthday

  1. Shirley Bordelon

    You never cease to amaze me!

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