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More Burping of the T-Shirts

I have fallen in love with the vintage t-shirts turned burp cloths and bibs. It’s a one of a kind, handcrafted item that no one else in the world will ever have. So unique and cool. What else would I ever make my second cousin to wipe his spit up?

Jon and Mindy had their handsome son, Paul, back in June. Yes, June. I know, I’m slightly late. But, I look at it like I was waiting until all the “fuss” passed and then, BOOM!, surprise gift to make the fuss come right back (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).  Nevertheless, I think I came up with some presh designs. Jon is from Louisville, KY, so the slugger and horse cloths are a nod to home turf. And the 70s skiing dude, well, they live in Colorado. Need I say more?

Hope they enjoy using them as much as I loved creating them.



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Three Quilts-to-Be

It’s been a crazy few weeks in Li’l Bumpkin world. During that time I was excited to get three new quilt orders. I went shopping (my favorite part!) a few days ago and after 4 hours in Michael Levine Fabrics, I came out with MAJOR winners. I can’t wait  to get these assembled. Join me in welcoming three new custom quilts to the Li’l Bumpkin Family!

1. Mod Safari

2. Worker Man

3. Spring Green Giraffe

Hopefully I’ll have these done and photographed in the next few weeks, so I’ll update soon!

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Featured on The Stir Mom’s Cafe – Holiday Gift Guide

Exciting news…The word of my quilts has gotten out – GO, TEAM! I was featured on The Stir – A Cafe Mom Blog in the Holiday Gift Guide. The Bumble Birds quilt is the number one choice in 5 Holiday Gifts for the All Natural Baby Gifts. Thank you, Cafe Mom. I am honored.

Check it out for yourself – . There’s still time to place holiday orders!

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